t.A.T.u. appeared at two music festivals in the middle of August

Time of publication: 15.08.2003 (14:36)
In August t.A.T.u. showed up to two festivals in a row. The most interesting appearance was in Denmark at Denmark's Smukkeste Festival 03. This festival has been held for over 20 years. During these years, the festival grew to be one of absolutely borderless scales. The festival-town is organized in the middle of a huge forest. The main stage was built in a clearing and could fit 40.000 spectators. It was surrounded by many smaller stages, fast-food facilities, bars, dance floors – 120 different facilities all in all. One could walk for a long time through all these small areas without finding a way out. The festival lasted for four days, during which, some tremendous number of bands performed there. It was impossible to define an average style of the represented musical trends there. It’s funny that such performers as Robert Plant, ZZ Top, Simply Red, Moby and Mel C performed on the same stage. Of course, t.A.T.u. were the headliners there. They closed the whole festival with their full-length 1,5 hour show. Three days later t.A.T.u. went to another festival - Electronically Yours in Istanbul, Turkey. This event was not on of that large a scale as the one in Denmark but the fans were as positively hysterical as they were in Denmark. Paul Van Dyk and Andy Fletcher (Depeshe Mode) performed before the girls. Everything ended with a huge disco.

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