Celebration of Lena's birthday without Yulia

Time of publication: 07.10.2003 (20:56)
On October, 4 Lena Katina celebrated her birthday. The girl was even congratulated by her fans, but her collegue, Yulia, didn't appear at Lena's. The fans greeted Lena with flowers and balloons, and Lena was joyfully socialising with many girls as if with close friends. Yulia Volkova limited her congratulations with a mere phone call.

Lena celebrated the occasion in the family circle, since due to the concert tours she has always had a rare opportunity to spend time with her family. Relatives were showering Lena with jewelry: rings, chains. But most of all the girl liked the present, which was given by her step-grandmother - a golden pendant in the shape of a (cyrillic) letter L. Lena did not wish to mention Yulia, and with the very thought of her would seem saddened and hide her eyes.
"She already congratulated me. I received a phone call from her this morning on my cell phone. After all, she may have her personal errands to run..."- said Lena.

By the way, the girls had a vacation in Turkey separately. Probably, they simply became tired of each other.

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