t.A.T.u. attended the concert of SMASH!!

Time of publication: 12.11.2003 (20:21)
The concert of SMASH!! in Rossiya Concert Hall pleased, not only the fans of Vlad Topalov and Serguey Lazarev, but also the fans of the famous t.A.T.u gals. The girls came to the gig separately, following the rules of anonymity, but shortly after the beginning, they were spotted by SMASH!! The boys dedicated a song to t.A.T.u. Serguey even managed to bring t.A.T.u. on stage where the girls sang one verse together with the SMASH!! boys. Vlad and Serguey prepared their concerts in Russia thoroughly: brought a dance-group, four back vocalists and decorated the stage with a huge inscription of “SMASH!!” “You see, everything here is like at the gigs of famous groups: our own live band, so the performance is live too,” said Serguey.

The gig brought troubles to the security service, but the most persistent fans broke through to the stage with gifts and flowers. Only some reinforcement of the security saved both fan-girls and the live band from troubles. Thus, the appearance of Lena Katina among the audience went unnoticed – only people having their places next to Lena’s recognised the star and asked for autographs. Later on, Yulia showed up too.

After t.A.T.u. and SMASH!! sang together, the security in the hall had to be improved again. Yulia and Lena were “equipped” with personal bodyguards as the fans having forgotten about SMASH!! threw themselves towards Lena and Yulia, reports Zhizn.

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