t.A.T.u. – girl met Takeshi Kitano

Time of publication: 10.12.2003 (08:01)
On December, 5, t.A.T.u. returned from Japan where they gave two concerts. Now, the girls are recovering from the climate changes: being in Japan both got sick – Yulia had a fever of over 39 degrees C. The fever was reduced and the concerts continued. Despite of the Russian media’s suppositions, the Japanese Tour can’t be called a failure. The group’s management thinks that the Tour was carried out “normally”. t.A.T.u. didn’t manage to fill in the 40.000 places Tokyo Dome arena but the number of audience was satisfactory anyway. The fact that the arena wasn’t filled up to its maximum was explained by the t.A.T.u. management due to some objective reasons: the concerts took place on Monday and Tuesday, young Japanese fans couldn’t afford to buy the expensive tickets and finally the duo was, traditionally, followed by a row of scandals with the concert organisers. Thus, there was almost no visible street advertisement in Tokyo and the Japanese party tried by all means prevent Ivan Shapovalov from taking his leading part in the tour. As t.A.T.u.’s press-attache Alexandara Titianko told to InterMedia, the second concert was more successful because Ivan Shapovalov took his leading role back while he was absent during the first one. t.A.T.u. didn’t only gave concerts while staying in Japan. Lena Katina attended a TV-show lead by a TV-director Takeshi Kitano. The show’s called Takeshi’s Hardware Store. The meaning of the show remains subtle though. For instance, Miss Katina, who had to cover even for Yulia at the show had to play table tennis with Mr. Kitano.
On December, 18 t.A.T.u. will perform with a full-scale show in St. Petersburg and then will start to prepare for its reality show which will probably be aired by STS at the end of January 2004. We remind that the recording process of the new album will be shown to the audience from the penthouse of the Peking Hotel in Moscow. Podnebesnaya room had been remodelled to a recording studio. Several broadcastings are planned to take place every day directly from Podnebesnaya. The most interesting digest from the week’s shows will be shown during each weekend.

Source: (by material of InterMedia)
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