Tatu will show the forbidden clip

Time of publication: 27.02.2004 (08:21)
The series will use material rejected by producer Ivan Shapovalov

Tomorrow's episode of "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" on channel STS will dot the i's. (phrase for "explain things")

Several weeks ago in reply to a question about how the series would end, the director of the show Vitaly Mansky only shrugged and said: "I'm more likely to predict the end of times than what the participants of this show will do."

A couple of days before the end of the show, the answer to this question is barely clearer.

"We will show to Ivan Shapovalov the video of a song recorded by the girls in "Podnebesnaya"," the director declared.

Material from the documentary "Anatomy of Tatu" has been used to create the video of the song. More precisely, the material that Shapovalov had forbidden to include in this sensational film for unclear reasons.

"After all those events, maybe Ivan will react positively, but it could also be the opposite. In any case, spectators will see it all. They will also see the discussion about the future of the band."

"What about the promised album from Tatu?" I asked the director.

"Yes, we said that the new album will be released on 14 March. If everything goes well, it will actually happen."

"And if it's not the case?"

"Then on 14 March we will show a Tatu "virtual world tour". Why "virtual"? Because material from last year's world tour of the girls will be used. The songs of course will be those from the first album. A retrospective of the group Tatu which no longer exists..."

Source: KP.Ru
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