Tatu have left Shapovalov for Kirkorov

Time of publication: 03.03.2004 (20:29)
The members of duet Tatu known for their scandals have broken off the contract with their producer Ivan Shapovalov. The disagreement began several weeks ago and viewers could see all the details of this scandal in the reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya". Now Yulia and Lena are looking for a new producer. Phillip Kirkorov may be the one they choose.

When Tatu girls started to argue with Ivan Shapovalov before television cameras, very few people believed in the sincerity of this "revolt". All considered that it was the latest publicity stunt of the talented producer.

But Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova really don't want to have anything to do anymore with Ivan Shapovalov. Now the girls are busy searching a new producer and don't intend to leave show business.

Tatu girls became friends with Phillip Kirkorov during "Eurovision", Kirkorov went to the competition as part of Tatu's "support group". Besides Kirkorov already has experience in this area. His protegee Nastya Stotskaya has released new videos and recorded new hits, while under Shapovalov's management Tatu were unable to record their second album.

Tatu girls have addressed Kirkorov's director Leonid Dzyunik and have asked him to become the intermediary in the negotiations. Lena and Yulia could not meet Kirkorov personally as he has a very busy tour schedule. The girls have let Kirkorov know that they want to meet him and discuss a possible cooperation, newspaper "Life" writes. The answer that Kirkorov will give is not known yet.

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