Tatu-girl Lena is getting married

Time of publication: 20.08.2004 (14:29)
Tatu-girl Lena's boyfriend proposed to her. She accepted, but the wedding date has not been set yet. The pair doesn’t have a lot of money at the moment. Lena Katina is leasing out the apartment she bought in the Moscow city center, while she moved back with her parents to Krylatskoe. Lena and Anrei went out for a few years now, but they tried to keep their relationship private. The only time they had a fight was when Lena came back from Japan. Anrei found out that Rogdan Titomir flirted with his girlfriend, and made a scene. They didn't talk for a few days, but then made peace. Anrei helped Lena learn how to drive her car, and persuaded her to go back to the University. Lena's parents support her choice and are not against a wedding. The pair is going for a vocation in Tunisia.

Source: Utro.Ru
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