Tatugirl Lena received a navel ring from her boyfriend for her 20th birthday

Time of publication: 12.10.2004 (14:41)
On Sunday Lena celebrated her birthday with a small circle of friends and relatives. To avoid being bothered by fans and the press, Lena's parents secretly booked a small restaurant in the area of Leningrad avenue. Lena made an exception only for KP's correspondent.

Guests began to arrive at the restaurant at 5 pm. Lena was a little late, because of her hairdo she admitted later. She had her typical Tatu red curls cut and straightened especially for the party. Her shoulders and decollete were covered with glitter. She was wearing a tight black evening dress from Christian Lacroix.

Yulia Volkova called during the toasts. She apologized for not being there because of her child, congratulated her band partner and promised to give her a present soon. Boyfriend Andrey spent all evening near Lena, whispering in her hear.

Lena entertained the guests with several songs, but not from Tatu. She performed "Winter dream" more sensually than Аlsu.

People were saying that Lena should record this song for her solo act.

Later we opened the gifts with the birthday girl.

"For my birthday, fans have decorated the stairway and the elevator with balloons, Lena said delighted. And Nastya made a huge poster."

"And what did Andrey give you?"

"He gave me a gold navel ring with diamonds."

Among a huge quantity of flowers, there were a lot of gifts. I helped Lena to open them: a fashionable bag, a purse from her younger sister, mascara... Lena was happy like a little girl, and before finishing to open all the gifts, she rushed back to the dance floor.

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