Tatugirl Yulia argues over her daughter's name

Time of publication: 14.10.2004 (15:43)
Singer of group Tatu Yulia Volkova who recently gave birth has decided to name her child Vika.

All the relatives of Yulia have thought about names for the child, her parents proposed some names, and the father of the child Pavel Sidorov some others. As a result Yulia has decided to choose herself the name of her daughter, newspaper "Zhizn" writes.

Now the parents of the child are discussing whose surname the girl will take. Yulia insists that the girl should be called Viktoria Volkova. Pavel Sidorov wants the girl to have his surname. The problem seems so serious that Yulia and Pavel constantly have big arguments about it. wishes good health to Yulia and her child, and reminds Pavel that even if Vika doesn't carry his surname, his "patronymic" (Russian middle name taken from the father's name, Pavlovna in that case. Translator's note) will still be behind it.

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