Tatu blew the recording of their new album

Time of publication: 26.04.2005 (23:58)
Scandalously known group Tatu have been trying to record their second album for several years now after the success of their debut album 200km/h In A Wrong Lane. These attempts led to nothing. First the group changed the producer, after Tatu-girl Yulia was off due to the child birth and finally two girls got into a quarrel.

We’ll remind that the group’s former producer Ivan Shapovalov was going to turn the recording of the second album into a grand reality show. Specially for this, he rented the penthouse of the Peking Hotel, equipped it to make a recording studio and threw a call all over the country with the hopes to find unknown talented authors that could write material for the album. This idea suffered a huge failure. Tatu-girls got tired of their weird producer and they decided to break the contract. Besides, Ivan persuaded Yulia to nearly scream out her vocal parts and Yulia’s vocal cords began to crack.

After the girls left Shapovalov, there were rumours that Filip Kirkorov would take care of the girls’ career. This information wasn’t confirmed and Boris Rensly became the group’s new producer. These administrative changes didn’t help the group to record the long awaited second album. Yulia decided to have a child with her boyfriend Pasha Sidorov and left the career to accomplish this. The doctors prohibited future mother to work in a studio during the pregnancy and the recording of the second album was postponed for an indefinite time. After the child had been born, Yulia tried to come back to show business. Reunited duo performed at the charity gala in London where Tatu even met Prince Charles. After that, the girls left for America to record their second album.

Recently we’ve got the information that the recording of the album failed. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina had to urgently leave for Moscow, as Zhizn reports. It turned out that the reason for this return is a quarrel between the girls where the producers couldn’t help to bring the girls to any agreement. Yulia and Lena couldn’t agree on who would sing the leading parts in the new songs. Boris Rensky wanted Yulia to sing them but Yulia was still having her vocal problems and couldn’t manage to sing. Lena Katina suggested to put Yulia on backing and to let herself sing the leading parts.

As a result, this conflict remained unsolved and both girls had to return home with nothing.

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