Tatu infected Russia with rock

Time of publication: 22.05.2005 (18:37)
Eurovision Song Contest took place in Kiev this week. During the evaluation of the Russian entrant Natalia Podolskaya, who sang "Nobody Hurt No One" at the contest, Western press pointed out a clear rock trend of the Russian music of this format. This trend, to their opinion, was initiated by group Tatu, which presented their non-conventional for Eurovision song "Ne Ver, Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi" in Riga 2003. This song was considered to be the launch pad for the followers to enter the contest with less conservative compositions. According to the majority of the Eurovision Contest experts, the contest experiences transformation towards more progressive music. This is considered to be the last life-straw for this utterly conservative event.

Source: (by material of the Swedish media)
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