Татu shot their video in the Batman caves

Time of publication: 19.10.2005 (04:35)
On October 16-17, Tatu shot their new video "Friend Or Foe" in the Los Angeles suburbs. The main theme of the new video is Tatu themselves. First Yulia will show her talents playing the piano and then she will join Lena by the microphone in a cave, surrounded by their band – Sven, Troy and Roman.

The shoot was performed in Bronson Caves in Hollywood by Eleven Seventy One Production Group. The group previously worked with such Tatu videos as "All About Us" and "Dangerous and Moving" and has experience in making videos for Eminem and Celine Dion. Bronson Caves are famous for being the set location of Western movies and Batman series.

Special thanks to Dj_Volk
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