Tatu got help from DJ Pimenov

Time of publication: 19.10.2005 (18:28)
Song "Ludi Invalidi", which had been written for the second Tatu album has recently got a new sound. A rather known musician Serguey Pimenov – a former member of PPK (trance music band, rem. arranged a remix, which might become a new European hit.

- My work with Tatu is symbolic because it's only Tatu and PPK that have ever entered charts in Britain. Universal Music decided that "Ludi Invalidi" should be remixed and I was invited to do it. I wasn't forced to stay within any particular frames but was given a full freedom. I made two remixes – one with Russian vocals and another one – with English vocals. The remixes have almost nothing in common with the original song, except vocals of course. The remix is already in clubs and it receives a positive feedback. English version of the remix will soon be sent to Western clubs. I'm happy that Tatu got rid of the image being a one-hit wonder and of the teenage lesbians image. They turned now into serious artists.

Source: (Alla Zhidkova)
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