"Viva Mexico!" by Tatu

Time of publication: 30.11.2005 (16:51)
On November 29, Tatu performed live at one of the largest shows in Mexico – Telehit. Passionate Latin audience didn't disappoint Tatu girls and showed them a full support. Although Yulia's voice failed during performance of "Obezianka Nol", it didn't spoil the overall atmosphere of fest in the hall. Lena exclaimed in excitement "Viva Mexico! You are the best!" and promised to come back with a gig already this summer.

All in all Tatu performed 8 songs at this presentation:
All About Us
Not Gonna Get Us
Obezianka Nol
Perfect Enemy
Friend or Foe
Loves Me Not
Dangerous and Moving
All The Thing She Said

To all that, official release of the new Tatu video "Friend or Foe" took place in Mexico last night.

Special thanks to 11Russia
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