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Time of publication: 08.05.2006 (23:05)
After Tatu had released their second album and toured across Europe with a promo, Tatu-girls decided not to waste any time while future possible gig contracts are signed - Lena and Yulia are about to take their chances playing a part in movies.

Thus, a few days ago Yulia proudly said to the reporter of the St.Petersburg "Fontanka", "You'll see me on a big screen next year in one of the American blockbusters. I won't go into details now but the movie will rock."

While Yulia Volkova has all her hopes in Hollywood, her band mate Lena Katina received a proposal to play a part in a new film of Andery Kondratyev The Parisians-2. Producers are negotiating with Lena terms of the contract at the moment.

As executive producer Leonid Dzunik says, "Lena has been dreaming of a part in a movie for a while now". The casting team was looking for a young woman with a genuine Slavic appearance and ginger Tatu-girl fits this role perfectly. What part will Lena play in the movie isn't revealed yet. It can happen that she'll make just an appearance.

The film director Andery Kondratyev explained that the movie is thought as a romantic comedy about the life in the Russian village with a French name Paris. Except Lena Katina, famous French actor Gerard Depardieu is invited to play in this movie. Shooting is planned for June-August 2006 in the suburbs of Saratov (Russia).

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