Tatu third album remains questionable

Time of publication: 28.06.2007 (21:44)
Despite Tatu having spent a few months in Los Angeles, actual recording of the album remains questionable.

"I really don't know much about the new album. We haven't recorded anything on the new album just yet which has been disappointing. So I am really hoping we do.
I think its crazy if we don't get to record on the new album because us guys have become such a huge part of Tatu. We know the sound and have such great ideas. But who knows what will happen. There is always lots of politics in these situations and you just have to roll with what happens. I really hope we just deliver a great album for the fans" - said one of the Tatu musicians Troy McCubbin.

Serguey Galoyan, who was previously mentioned as one of the authors working with the third album commented the situation.

"Yes, I showed songs for Tatu's third album and they chose 4 of them. I can speak surely of my participation on the album only after the contract is signed, which hasn't even been discussed yet" - said Serguey to our site.

At the same time, Lena Katina said in her diary that the album was almost ready.

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