Tatu in the show Obnazhenny Showbiz

Time of publication: 08.07.2007 (22:01)
A premiere of the show Obnazhenny Showbiz (Naked Showbiz) is due on MTV Russia on July 12 at 21.30 (Moscow Time).

The plot of the first show is the scandal between Vlad Topalov, Yulia Volkova and Timati. Author of the show Yana Rudkovskaya transformed their impersonal accusations into the personal level by having interviewed all participants of the drama and brought it to the audience to decide who is right and who is wrong.

"They always sniff in the toilettes. What can I do about that? I'm not going to apologize for my own words. Think for yourself what they could do in the toilette? They were either sniffing or f***ing." (Vlad Topalov)

"We've known each other since childhood. We've had something some time ago but now I have another life. Vladik, why did you say that? Why do you need that?" (Yulia Volkova)

"When your albums don't sell then you need to ride on publicity. This fella wants attention using all scandals and names - names that are bigger than his own. He even leaked something to the internet but it doesn?t work so well. Thus he?s hysterical." (Timati)

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Source: MTV Russia
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