Producer of group Tatu, Ivan Shapovalov is ready to face British television

Time of publication: 07.02.2003 (07:53)
He offered British Channel 4 the chance to organize a press conference concerning the growth of pedophilia in the UK. "As a psychologist, I have serious suspicions about Channel 4 presenter Richard Medley in regards to indulging in pedophilia. We can clear things up by organizing a public discussion, during which I hope to cure Richard Medley, and the rest of the adult male population of the UK," said Tatu's producer, after being told that he was about to be sued.
Channel 4 accused Tatu's producer of promoting pedophilia. Presenter Richard Medley of Channel 4 announced on the 31st of January that Ivan Shapovalov's actions were "sick" and wanted to sue him and the record label.
British daytime television hosts, husband and wife team Richard and Judy, have tried to get Tatu's single banned, describing their antics as "paedophile porn." He plans on suing Shapovalov as soon as a new legislation concerning the aggravation of responsibility for sexual crimes, including pedophilia, comes into effect.
Shapovalov on the other hand commented, "I don't think that this law will pass after Tatu's television debut with all these debacles."

Source: Official Russian Site
Translated and Edited by katbeidar
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