ITC Clear Tatu Video

Time of publication: 27.02.2003 (05:32)
The raunchy Tatu video showing the duet dressed as schoolgirls and snogging each other in the rain has been given the green light by watchdogs.

The Independant Television Commission recived four (Ed: LMAO) complaints about the vid for the No. 1 single All The Things She Said, which has been showed on dedicated music channels since December.

Some viewers objected to the scenses in which the teenage Russian duo who are dressed in mock-school uniforms kissed.

The ITC said they accepted that showing homosexual or lesbian relationships on TV divided viewers' opinions.

"Some do not want to see such images on their screens, and are concered about children's exposures to them," they said.

But as nothing beyond kissing was involved the ITC concluded that it would not be justified in pursuing the matter with broadcasters as the Programme Code was not breached.

Source: Taty Site.Net (by the materials od "Daily Sports" - UK)
Thanks to Mad Debz.
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