"t.A.T.u." invites nude women. NSPCC rises against it!

Time of publication: 17.04.2003 (04:06)
t.A.T.u. announced on its official website the following: "You have the chance to take part in a most unusual photosession of t.A.T.u.'s. All female fans and admirerers, between the ages of 14 and 40 are invited. Appearances don't matter but a will to take part in the photoshoot and readiness to be shot nude will be encouraged. For an invitation to the proper day, the following data should be provided: name, phone number, a piture of the participant.

According to The Sun, the materials from that photocession will be used for a new album’s cover. A t.A.T.u. spokesman, Beata Ardeeva, said that the group had no such intention. The results of that photosession were intended to be uses in magazines. "Though it's an interesting idea – to use that footage for the cover of the new album", added Miss Ardeeva.

According to, NSPCC reacted to this announcement and blasted this idea as an "irresponsible publicity stunt". "Do they think that we were going to treat the fans cruelly?" said Beata with surprise. "Nothing of this kind is going to happen, we look at it positively." A NSPCC spokesman said: "We strongly urge young girls not to send naked photographs of themselves." In spite of it, the applications for participations are streaming . "We haven't recieved so many yet, but judging from those we got, the fans are ready to do anything," commented the t.A.T.u spokesman. "This contest" would last for another week. According to Beata, t.A.T.u. has no intention of choosing model appearances: "We are only interested in faces and bodies."

Source: TatySite.Net by materials from InterMedia
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