t.A.T.u. in Japan - Day One

Time of publication: 26.06.2003 (09:03)
After the duo landed at Narita Airport on Aeroflot flight 575 at 10:06 AM, they were granted a few hours rest. In the afternoon Yulia and Lena went shopping in Tokyo's Shibuya district. In the evening went to eat sushi in Roppongi, to which they had been looking forward.

On the 27th they will appear on TV Asahi's Music Station programme (Friday, 20:00), on the 28th they will hold a live event in the capital to thank their fans and on the 29th they will film the video for their new song. The duo's promoter has yet to announce where the filming will take place in Tokyo, and the location may be subject to late changes. t.A.T.u also will be recording for television shows during their stay in Japan. One of their producers reportedly said the outdoor filming may lead to their arrests. Shibuya and Harajuku police stations have under their jurisdiction popular teenage hangouts, such as Shibuya Sentagai district and Takeshita-dori avenue. A senior police officer said the stations were watching the situation and were prepared to detain the duo for violating the Road Traffic Law if necessary to ensure public order.
"If they try to film without a proper permit, we may detain them," an officer of Shibuya Police Station said.

Source: (by materials of Japanese Press)
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