The concert in Tumen (By Andrei)

Time of publication: 20.12.2001
Everything started rather normally. At the beginning of December, I saw a poster advertising that t.A.T.u. would come to our favourite city, Tumen. They had already been here last summer but at that time, they didn't interest me at all and I wasn't such a crazy fan as I am now. The poster had finally convinced me and I started to save money for the ticket (a cheap $7) and the booze that required double the amount for the ticket.

So me and my friend entered "Octopus", the club where the show was supposed to take place. We queued to get the booze and the DJ told the audience to shout "t.A.T.u! t.A.T.u.!" We hardly had time to buy beer and then made our way towards the stage. We managed to stand as close as was possible. First, their dance group with a similar name performed, and then the girls showed up and started to sing. After several songs, they took their skirts off. The crowd squealed in pleasure. Well, they publicly kissed a few times, and I got amused by their tops with an inscription “www.********”. But then, Julja (Julia) said that volunteers were needed on stage – four guys and two girls. My friend lifted a hand. I told him, "Do you have any idea what you might be asked to do?" He replied, "Why the f..k do you care!!!" Without much thought, I frankly answered, "Right, why should I give a f..k!"

Julja said that she was not going to choose, but some fellow would (I do not know whether it was Shapovalov or not, but he was a big man, may be even the father of one of them.) Only recently I have found out that this man was Lenja – the assistant. It took him a while to choose but finally, as soon as I lifted my hand, he pointed at me. I got frightened at first, so I quickly pulled my hand down and hid behind a guy in the crowd. Then I had second thoughts. Such an easy chance to stand close to Julja and Lena only happens once in a lifetime. My friend also said, "Come on, come on." So, I gave up.

As I approached the stage which was rather high, the guy extended his hand to me and lifted me up on stage. Julja spoke:
- What's your name?
- Andrei, I replied.
- Are you ready to do anything we ask?
- Yes, I said thinking that it would be the END!

Then she asked all the other participants the same questions. Then she added that if we'd refuse, the concert would not proceed. She approached me, pulled up my sweater (I didn't have anything under) and said, "Remove." She repeated it to all the participants. We took our clothes off. The chosen girls stood right there. Julja asked the crowd, pointing to the girls, "Shall we undress them too?" The crowd roared, "No, what can we possibly see there!!"

"Kiss now," said Julja confidently. Little girls started kissing. It lasted about 30 seconds. Julia came closer to the girls and said, "Enough, otherwise you may come."

"And now it's your turn," i.e. Myself and some other guy. (I got to know Sasha better later. A pretty normal guy.) We started to hesitate. Lenja told us that if we were not going to, we could f..k off. I told the guy something like, "Ajsh, screw it, who cares! Let's do it." So the guy "screwed it". I addressed the crowd to give us an applause, otherwise we wouldn't kiss. The crowd waved to us shouting, "Come on, come on!" I noticed that someone was giving me a sign from another corner of the arena. It was a fellow who lifted up another one. Both were from the same course as I. I gave them a sign back and thought to myself, "Well, tomorrow when I'm back to school, I'll be both a star and Malchik Gay." Upon this I hit and started to kiss the other guy really hard (without tongue!), while the crowd was about to flip out, seeing all this. The next thing I know, the guy grabbed my ass and I grabbed his. What a show!!! I wanted to spit but Lenja stopped me from doing it on stage. Asshole!!!

Then another pair of guys kissed. Though, one of them was around 30, this sort of XL type. Miserable sight, but funny!

The guard showed us and t.A.T.u. down to the basement so we could talk a little about nothing and everything. We talked to their staff too. By the way, the girls, kissing on stage, were not allowed to follow us.

The man praised me, telling me that I didn't get scared – a sort of real man! Gave me his hand. On stage, we received one can of Fanta, a poster with t.A.T.u.'s autographs. And downstairs I begged the staff for a real signed picture and then got Julja to write "To Andrei from Julja" on the back of that picture. She signed for herself and Lena too. Then I spoke to Lena, so she wrote "Wishing you love" and signed too. What's more, we were allowed to take a picture together with t.A.T.u. We didn't have a camera, but some woman around had a one and offered to let us borrow it. We left her our phone numbers. I already got the pictures. I'm dressed in a blue sweater there and Sasha (my friend in trouble) in a gray (green) one.

Translation by forre.
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