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13.04.2004 The Problem With T.A.T.U. (AfterEllen.Com)
29.03.2004 The curse of Tatu (Daily Mail - UK)
21.12.2003 Spiegel TV 30 Minute Interview Transcript/Translation
09.12.2003 tATu Flame Out! ("Face" Magazine - UK)
31.10.2003 Walk-In Performance! (Sports Nippon - Japan)
31.10.2003 Vox Pop: Out In Pop (Rainbow Network)
04.10.2003 In Defense of t.A.T.u. (AfterEllen.Com)
04.10.2003 Record industry is banking on the big names (Guardian.Co.UK)
28.08.2003 Interview in Turkey
08.08.2003 t.A.T.u - New Teens On The Block (CelebCentral.Cjb.Net)
23.07.2003 Dykons - t.A.T.u. (Rainbow Network)
22.07.2003 Temporary t.A.T.u. (The Advocate)
17.07.2003 The Face: Eurovision Special Transcript
15.07.2003 The Mighty Tatu - Crikes! It's a Tatu interview! (PopJustice)
08.07.2003 Only They Know (Capricho - Brazil)
05.07.2003 It May Be An Old Question, But Salient Still (Curve Magazine)
30.06.2003 No gain for Tatu in Tokyo but they vow to come back (UK.News.Yahoo.Com)
29.06.2003 Japan 'bans Tatu filming' (BBC - UK)
28.06.2003 Russian pop duo refuses to sing (MDN.Mainichi.Co.Jp)
28.06.2003 Ta-tu unreliable and not so big in Japan (TheAge.Com.Au)
27.06.2003 Tatu Go Shopping in Tokyo (Mezamashi TV - Japan)
26.06.2003 t.A.T.u's promo video plan makes MPD hot under collar (Yomiuri.Co.Jp)
24.06.2003 Language And Gender Preference Changes For Tatu (PopDirt.Com)
23.06.2003 35,389 Applicants for Video Shoot ("Sankei Sports" - Japan)
22.06.2003 Review of Tatu by MIM (Etext.Org)
19.06.2003 Ireland cleared of song contest cheating (Breaking.Examiner.Ie)
17.06.2003 Russian singing duo t.A.T.u. set to titillate fans in Japan (JapanToday.Com)
10.06.2003 Career Girls (Israel)
10.06.2003 Russian duo scored zero with Irish voters ("The Times" - UK)
04.06.2003 tATu Brand UK Stars "rubbish" (UK.Music.Yahoo.Com)
04.06.2003 t.A.T.u's Persona Gets the Ink (CapeCodOnline.Com)
02.06.2003 t.A.T.u. on MTV MA (Reuters)
31.05.2003 Jojo Transcript (La, USA 29-05-2003)
26.05.2003 Eurovision needs top pop ("The Sun" - UK)
25.05.2003 Euro Disaster For No Points Britain (Sky News - UK)
25.05.2003 Eurovision Shock As Tatoo Keep It Clean (Sky News - UK)
25.05.2003 Eurovision Favorites T.A.T.U. Booed at Rehearsal (Reuters)
25.05.2003 Eurovision to Brave All with Live t.A.T.u. Show (Reuters)
25.05.2003 Russian lesbian duo tipped to win the Eurovision Song Contest (AFP)
25.05.2003 Lesbian Kiss Only, T.A.T.U. Shock Turns Damp Squib (Reuters)
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