Tatu drop lesbian image (ContactMusic.Com)

Time of publication: 21.09.2004
Russian lesbian act TATU are preparing for yet another crack at regaining their chart success - this time as lusty heterosexuals.

The sexy duo - LENA KATINA and YULIA VOLKOVA - scored a British number one single in February last year (03) with their tune ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID and sparked outrage by kissing and caressing each other in the song's raunchy video.

But the pop stars - who claim their controversial former manager IVAN SHAPOVALOV was responsible for their lesbian image - are working on new tracks with producer TREVOR HORN ahead of their comeback at British royal PRINCE CHARLES' London charity concert in November (04).

And they're determined to finally express their true sexuality, while maintaining their reputation as girls who like to shock.

A source says, "The truth is the girls were never lesbians in the first place. They feel like they were being exploited. They were only 14 and 15 when they started singing in concert halls and doing sexy routines.

"They still want to be controversial and shocking. They want to look and act hotter than ever before - but not as lesbians."
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