Tatu still scandalous

Time of publication: 20.08.2005
The Russian group Tatu are still scandalous. It's not sure that the girls will have canceled the lesbian image. They prove it with their new single "All About Us" which video is going to hit the Bulgarian Music Televisions on 28th August. The new video make them again scandalous. Yulia and Lena are two girls in love. The girls are playing the role of criminals. Yulia's role is to look like hocker, but actually she's an devil inside. She met one guy and he's taking her to his place. Then he's trying to sleep with her, but she's stopping him. Yulia calls Lena and she's telling her where she is. But that's not all - the most scandalous part of the video is coming. It's coming up a violent scene. The man punch Yulia and she falls down. Yulia see that she's weak and she's trying to escape, but she can't so she must do the hardest. She's taking out some pistol from one box and she's shoting the man. Lena arrives with the car near the window to the unknown man's place. She's going out and she's going downstairs and Lena is looking Yulia with eyes full with love and Yulia, too... The happening unkown... Will the girls be as scandalous as before or not? We'll see... Are they canceled the old image - it's unknown, too.

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