Ludi Invalidi are inferior objects

Time of publication: 02.09.2005

After uploading the video fragment a serious discussion on what’s behind the Ludi Invalidi (people-invalids) metaphor blazed up at our forum. To interpret things is against our principles, but taking into account that this is the main song of both Russian and international versions of the album and understanding the depth of the subject, we’ve decided to share some of our thoughts.

Some of you write that this is about lesbians, gays, some remembered the homeless and prostitutes… Others think that this is about those who are hurt and unhappy, about people who haven’t discovered love.

But we dig deeper, wider and in a different direction.

Russian name of the album has direct, though not obvious, connections and parallels with the international album name. Ludi Invalidi are inferior objects, but, of course, not physically. They are the human part of everything dangerous and moving. Russian album name is more concrete and narrow.

Ludi Invalidi are born this way and they die this way. They were never taught and shown what it means to be a human being. They are falsification of people, but of a very high quality. They have arms, legs, other body parts. You can not distinguish them from real people in outward appearance. Ludi Invalidi do not live, but – function. They function according with the mechanics laws and has four major characteristics: violence, stupidity, greed and meanness. That’s why all their actions are predictable, dull and destructive.

All bad, extremely bad and terrible events are the result of these creatures’ actions.

And we live surrounded by them basically all the time and do not notice these fake human beings.

Ludi Invalidi are everywhere, and realizing their omnipresence you get surprised when you suddenly encounter a HUMAN BEING: "I can still meet one!".

The lyrics and the video that is about to get in rotation are maximum metaphoric and do not contain frontal associations. There are us, PEOPLE, and Ludi Invalidi there. Long story short, start up your imagination and think…

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