We're Not Going to Say! (Blender)

Time of publication: 24.09.2005
What can Tatu tell us about their (non-lesbian) album? Uh, nothing.

"NYET!" snaps Julia Volkova, the brunette half of the petulant Russian pop duo Tatu. "No. We're not going to say."

She's talking - or rather refusing to talk - about Dangerous and Moving, the follow-up to their gold-selling 2002 debut. Apparently, it's too complex for words, so the girls, who sparked controversy by making out in MTV in Catholic-schoolgirl uniforms, professing to be lovers - are keeping mum.

They've since parted with svengali Ivan Shapovalov, the child psychologist turned producer who was the brain behind Tatu's salacious marketing strategy. They've also dropped the lesbian bit (Volkova, 20, had a baby with her boyfriend last fall), though judging by the don't-fuck-with-us chill of colossal single "All About Us", they're still BFF.

Their new independence, they say, inspired a new work ethic in the studio.
"We did most of it ourselves," says redhead Lena Katina, 20.
So, they wrote the songs? "No."
Played the instruments? "No."
Produced the album? ""

The pair has been recording in LA for nearly six months, which seems like a lot considering all they're doing is singing.
"Well, some days we lie on the beach taking sunbaths", explains Katina.

Pressed for details on their record, Katina frowns. "It's difficult. If you really want to get into it, you could spend hours talking about this album." That seems like a long time, so instead we ask - delicately - what she thinks of critics who say Tatu are a one-time phenomenon unlikely to repeat their succes. "Frankly speaking," she scowls, "I don't give a shit."

Josh Eels
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