I like trash

Time of publication: 04.10.2005
So, Tatu The controversial Russian pop babes who were once lesbians but now aren't. Should make for a fiery interview with shocking revelations then. Well, not quite...

You've got a very strong image and you have been known to be ever so slightly controversial.
Lena: Yes, well, we don't really have an image. What we're like on stage is how we are in real life. And the same thing with the clothes. Yulia likes more aggressive clothes and I like more calmer clothes. You can see it in our videos. I like the classic style.
Yulia: And I like trash.

Who are your favourite bands at the moment?
Yulia: We don't have favourites. We like everyone and we like different styles. No favourites.

What was the last song you put on your iPod?
Lena: Actually I don't have an iPod. I listen to music while I'm driving. Very calm music.

When did you last tell a lie?
Yulia: Everyday. That's a joke. Sometimes I must lie because I don't want to disappoint people.

What did you write in your last text message?
Lena: It was today and I wrote to my boyfriend that I loved him.
Yulia: My mum and my boyfriend too.

What's the worst thing you've put in your mouth?
Yulia: When we played a concert in Germany we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat sushi. There was a white fish on a rice dish there and when I put it in my mouth I had to go to the bathroom immediately and be sick.
Lena: It was terrible. I didn't try it after that. Actually my boyfriend tried it not that long ago and I warned him about Yulia but he still tried it and liked it.

If you could wipe someone off the face of the Earth who would it be?
Yulia: We don't want anyone not to exist.
Lena: Everybody on Earth has a reason to be here. I think it is just a problem with communication.

Could you tell us a secret about each other that we don't know?
Yulia: No.
Lena: We never tell anyone our secrets because they are just between us. Lots of people always want us to tell secrets about each other but we won't.

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