Secret Boyfriend Reveals Pop Beauty's Shock Sex Confession! ("News Of The World" - USA)

Time of publication: 30.03.2003
Secret boyfriend reveals pop beauty's shock sex confession. We're not really both lesbians... we just act Tat way to make cash.

by Jules Stenson

The sex secrets of rampant Tatu 'lesbian' Yulia Volkova have finally been revealed — by her boyfriend.

And Anton Khrulev told last night how his pop girl can't get enough of men. Especially in the back of a Lada!

She tested the groaning suspension of his motor to the limit as they cavorted on his shiny leatherette seats.

"Once was never enough for her, she always demanded ‘more, more'," Anton (pictured right) told the News of the World.

"She told me, 'The lesbian thing is just our image—and it makes us a lot of money. So because of this we're pretending to be lesbians'.


"She certainly liked it very much in the car. It turned her on —and after sex she'd come home and iron my trousers!

"But she loves men so much she even slept with my brother Misha. He couldn't resist her seduction."

Yulia and her Tatu partner Elena Katina, both 18, are making a fortune after convincing male fans they are kinky lesbians who pleasure each other at least three times a day.

Their debut single All The Things She Said has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, staying at No.1 in Britain for a month. "When I hear those lesbian stories it makes me laugh," said Anton 21. "Sometimes we'd do it six or seven times a night. She didn't mind what positions—that was for me to decide. She just wanted more.

"Yulia had a wonderful, firm body and making love with her was very enjoyable." Housing manager Anton, the first Tatu boyfriend to talk about their sex games, met Yulia two years ago in his Russian village of Petrovskoye.

"Her grandparents have a dacha (country house) there," he said.

They shared their first kiss in his Lada. "Then I took her to my friend Sasha's little dacha," he said. "There was only one bed but that was all we needed.

"It was her initiative. She wanted it very much. She was warm, tender and very passionate, really sexy. When we got on the bed she told me, ‘You know, you're not my first man'.


"But after we finished making love, Yulia said, ‘Sorry, but I didn't want to tell you I was a virgin'.

Even though Anton was already going out with Yulia's cousin, a 21-year-old called Polina, he was hooked. "Yulia liked sex very much," he said.

"We did it in the car—she liked it very much in the car—or in our family dacha or in this tiny house where we first made love."

During one of their drives in his Lada they were involved in a crash. "Yulia got injured above her eye and still has a scar she tries to hide with her hair," he said. But that didn't put her off Anton. "She was attracted to me because I had a hooligan character," he said. "I saw her as interesting because she was a bit outrageous.

"Once she got a bit drunk on vodka, and ran out into the road and just shouted, ‘**** off everybody'. She was unusual in our village.

"It is true to say my main motive of the relationship was physical."

That's what motivated Anton's younger brother Misha too.

Anton explained: "I remember Yulia and I had a big argument. I told her I loved Polina more. She drank a litre of our local brew, what you call ‘moonshine', and started to play around with Misha. Then they went to the same dacha where we first made love.

"Next morning Misha told me, ‘We slept together'. He didn't try to hide it, and I wasn't overly bothered. Yulia told me, ‘It was the drinking. It just happened'.

"But we soon got back together again and I enjoyed the sex with her. She also cooked for me sometimes, for example fried eggs.

"I think in the end my mother thought we'd marry—her dad was even going to build a house for us. But it wasn't my desire. I remember the first time she said she would soon start singing with Tatu, I didn't like it. I was looking for a housewife." Anton has now married a girl from the village, also called Yulia, who is expecting their child.

Tatu (the name is a Russian short form of ‘This girl loves that girl') visit London in May. Their second single, a cover of The Smiths' How Soon Is Now?, is released here the same month. Tatu are also Russia's Eurovision Song Contest entry.

Anton revealed: "It was after she got famous with Tatu that we talked again and she told me they were pretending to be lesbians."

It's been an impressive pretence.

Yulia has bragged of her Tatu partner Lena: "We love each other and the sex is phenomenal. It's a thousand times better than with a man."

But according to Anton, she also admitted a fling with controversial Tatu manager Ivan Shapovalov.

The Svengali has admitted taking advantage of girls on his casting couch—and his ex-lover Elena Kipper said he had bedded Yulia.

Anton added: "I remember I asked Yulia about him. She told me, ‘I knew it would give me the chance to be a star on the stage, which is what I am dreaming about. So I needed to do it'."

Anton and Yulia's relationship fizzled out before they had been together a year.

"The last time I saw Yulia was before my wedding when she came to the village last August," he said.

"I never tried to get back with her —but she said she was up for it.
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