Attending National Muz-TV 2005 Awards by Ol'ka

Time of publication: 03.06.2005
We gathered at around 2 p.m. by entrance 4 of the Olympiysky Arena. On our way from the subway to the Arena, we saw a group of 14-year old girls dressed in Tatu school uniforms. That was a lovely sight!

While waiting, we found a spot right above one of the arena entrances. There we sat speculating what would happen if Tatu appeared suddenly and sang something for us. Believe it or not, but the next moment we saw Tatu walking out of the arena entrance. We’d nearly gone speechless. Lena was in a white top, screwing her eyes up in the sun. She looked all beautiful with her fringe flying in the wind. She was saying something to Yulia, who was all “wow!”. I expected to see her with flat hair as in the last Molotok magazine issue. Instead she had this super spiky hairdo, all tanned and wonderfully attractive. Along with Tatu, a bunch of photographers jumped out of the entrance. They stood around the girls taking their pictures. Yulia was playful – certainly in her best mood. The girls went around the front entrance spot and waved to us. We screamed like crazy and nearly fell down off our spot. Yulia waved somebody off and she, together with Lena, got into her Audi. By the way, the Audi wasn’t red at all, but a sort of orange-red metallic. A super car! We stood there all stoned with our mouths open. The witnesses said afterwards that when Yulia drove off the parking she “kissed” a fence with her car bumper.

We had to wait four more hours before the audience would be allowed inside. Soon there was a line to the arena and we left two girls from our company to keep the place in the line and went to buy balloons to greet Tatu. We wanted to get four balloons to write four letters on each, T.A.T.U. After we got the balloons, and filled them with air, we were very proud to be seen with them from anywhere. Soon, the nightmare of passing through the entrance began. Even worse was waiting for us inside the building on our way to the concert hall. There in the crowd, we met other Tatu fans. We invited them to join our “happy family”. Our tatu-baloons became a constant object of comments and even an act of threat as some one tried to blow them up. Sooner or later we found our way to the concert area. Pressed by the crowd, one of the balloons went off and we were left with just three of them. So instead of T.A.T.U., we’ve got T.U.T. (makes a word “here” in Russian, rem. We were lucky enough to find a good standing place right in front of the stage, a little bit to the left. I had a poster with me with Tatu so we unfolded it and attached to the fence which separated the crowd from the stage. Right away, we made a contact with one of the security guys and he told us that “those ones” would perform at the very end of the show. Actually, the guy was very nice and told us that the girls were in the dressing room so they never showed up in the V.I.P. zone. No one got surprised not to see them there either.

After one hour of waiting, the ceremony began. I have to tell you that we had lots of fun there. You see, if you listen carefully while watching the ceremony again, that during all nominations you can clearly hear some one scream “Tatu!”. That was us! It was very crowded around the spot where we stood, so some one fainted and eventually was carried away from the concert hall.

When the show was nearly finished, the security guy (his name was Dima) told us that Tatu were going to sing 2 songs. According to him, they did it at the rehearsal. They sang one old song and one new. As for the audience’s reaction, it began to roar when group Zvery and Oleg Gazmanov sang their songs. So, Kuchera (the concert leader) began to give hints around Tatu. The whole building went wild to hear that. When that box became visible on stage with our girls on the top of it and the first notes of Ya Soshla S Uma were played, the crowd went absolutely crazy. I don’t tell you this as a fan but it was really the case. Tatu were greeted grandiosely! The crowd seemed to have lost its sanity – it wanted Tatu!

When the famous instrumental part in the middle of the song played by and the girls didn’t sing at all, we felt something strange was going on. There was fire on stage and the crowd saw super short black dresses on the girls and their bare feet – the crowd raised its roaring to the limit but no one began to sing. The audience didn’t get that it supposed to sing along. Intuitively I thought that something went technically wrong or it was a gimmick – to stand silently through their famous instrumental part of the song and then to get down and sing a new song. When the music continued to play through the second verse, it was clear that the gimmick wasn’t there. Yulia raised her hand to give a sign “Sing along!” but more than 30 000 people at the concert couldn’t figure it out and instead, carried on greeting the girls and didn’t understand what was going on. The girls were conducting and the crowd's greeting in return because no one understood this idea of singing. More over, the playback wasn’t the one used for Ya Sochla S Uma but for All The Things She Said because we tried to fit the Russian text into the playback and it didn’t work. Nevertheless, the second verse was partially sung by the crowd mixed with screams and roaring. I was afraid that Tatu would get upset but the audience really was very enthusiastic about the group.

So, the girls began to climb down the stairs of the box they initially were standing on as their new song began to play. This moment wasn’t shown on TV, but in reality they climbed down enigmatically, in a special way. Their bodies – simply cute. I think you saw it yourselves. I was more surprised that they appeared barefoot. We caught up with the words of Obezyanka Nol as we knew the lyrics which were posted earlier over the internet. The audience went on roaring. The girls walked across the stage so mystically, but at the same time very familiarly. There was a moment when they sat down as if they wanted to have a chit-chat. Such a beauty! After, Yulia took Lena’s hand and lead her to the other end of the stage. The moment Lena turned her head back she had such a delightful and sweet look. Yulia had such sensible eye contact with the audience. It was seen that she was enjoying being on stage again. Suddenly Lena was standing almost in front of us. We screamed Lena and waved with the balloons to her. She blew us a kiss. Maybe it was meant for the whole crowd but we took it as if she gave it to us.

It was a surreal atmosphere. The music of the new song was different from what I had imagined and it surprised me but all good things sooner or later come to an end and the girls left the stage super quickly. We stood there with open mouths and the security guy was laughing at us. We understood that it wasn’t the end yet. We anticipated that in a moment the music would start again and the girls would return. We thought it was meant this way. The concert leader appeared on stage and encouraged the audience to scream louder inviting Tatu back. Everyone believed that Tatu would return. Other artists began to come out on stage for the final greeting but the crowd carried on screaming “Tatu!”. The lights were lit and the show was over. The security guy told us that it was the end and we had to leave the arena. We went outside singing “T-a-t-u, T-a-t-u” where we met Katya. She was the one who told us that it had been planned to let the audience sing “Ya Soshla S Uma” but no one could imagine that the audience wouldn’t get it. All in all – the audience was intrigued by Tatu!

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