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Latest Update: 03.08.2007 (18:27)
03.08.07 Learning the Lingo
15.06.07 On the Trail of t.A.T.u.
06.06.07 Mischa Barton to star in Joffe's Tatu
04.06.07 Mischa Barton To Star In Tatu Movie
03.10.06 International Superstar Duo Tatu Return With The Best
18.09.06 Russian Duo to Hold 1st Concert
28.03.06 Lee's no lover of Russia
13.01.06 Tat's the way to do it...
18.12.05 The Russian faux-lesbians are coming!
24.11.05 Sergey Galoyan Interview: "The girls had the idea to be lesbians"
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Latest Update: 02.08.2007 (18:25)
02.08.07 Tatu Play in the Movie
02.08.07 Cinema Rules
26.07.07 Animal Scandal Of Yulya Volkova
20.07.07 "Tatu": We are beyond competition
26.06.07 This girl doesn't understand that girl
22.06.07 Yulia Volkova: "I’m pregnant but it's only temporary"
06.06.07 Yulya Volkova: I am pregnant!
04.06.07 Sergey Konov: Love Story Accompanied by t.A.T.u. Musiс
31.05.07 Gay Pride Military Mission
30.05.07 In Moscow there will begin the shooting a film "In Search Of Tatu"
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Latest Update: 21.03.2006 (16:28)
21.03.06 Gomenasai (Stara)
13.11.05 Dangerous and Moving (Expressen)
03.11.05 Dangerous and Moving (IGN)
02.11.05 Dangerous and Moving (The Pitt News)
02.11.05 Dangerous and Moving (In Newsweekly)
01.11.05 Ashlee Simpson vs. Tatu (Slate Magazine)
25.10.05 Dangerous and Moving (Splendid Magazine)
21.10.05 Dangerous and Moving (Stylus Magazine)
20.10.05 Dangerous and Moving (Time Out Moscow)
19.10.05 Dangerous and Moving (Aftonbladet)
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