Reports, Concerts and Performances

20.08.2006 A report of the gig at Club Baysis (Yokohama, Japan), 20 august 2006
18.08.2006 Report: Tatu cancelled performance in Japan, 18 august 2006
27.04.2006 A report from the recording of the show Family Matters by Djeiny, 27 april 2006
24.03.2006 The Dortmund gig report by Anneke (24.03.2006)
29.11.2005 Autograph session in Mexico (November 29, 2005) by Darje
19.11.2005 A meeting with Tatu in Paris by Juliette, Nov. 19, 2005
19.11.2005 A report from Virgin megastore by Anouk, Nov. 19, 2005
28.10.2005 A report from the VIP-zone at Gaudi Arena by Danimir, 28th Oct. 2005
28.10.2005 Tatu's rehearsal at Gaudi Arena – a fan report, 28th Oct. 2005
21.10.2005 Autograph-session in Moscow, Oct. 21, 2005 by belissa
18.09.2005 Tatu at G-A-Y in London, 17th September 2005
15.09.2005 Tatu in Milan by Simone
14.09.2005 Tatu at Hit Machine Paris, the 14th of September
13.09.2005 Autographs in Barcelona (Fan report by arale)
03.06.2005 t.A.T.u. rock Olympyisky (Official report)
03.06.2005 Attending National Muz-TV 2005 Awards by Ol'ka
15.06.2003 Exerpts of Bonn Report by xena with commentary by russkayatatu
15.06.2003 Open-Air-Concert in Bonn, Germany (by xena225)
03.06.2003 My Taty Experience (by YLuelniaa)
01.06.2003 t.A.T.u. stole the MTV MAs! (by Madonna)
06.05.2003 My trip to London UK. (by Willow)
03.05.2003 Report with Tatu on CD:UK (By oasischuan)
01.05.2003 Fans Are Few, Shows Fall Through, T.A.T.U. Sued (MTV.Com)
14.03.2003 Special report from US (By Tiffany Duke)
09.03.2003 My TRL experience w/ TATU (By Shadow Boxer)
05.03.2003 Tatu on Carson Daly, report from NBC Studios! (By Ihavetatusleeves)
05.03.2003 Breakdown Of How Things Went At The Carson Daly Show! (By Tranz)
21.02.2003 Special report from Prague (By Forre)
20.12.2001 The concert in Tumen (By Andrei)

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