July 2007

29.07.2007 Tatu is #36 in the Forbes rating
12.07.2007 Yulia and Lena started filming in Finding Tatu
12.07.2007 Festival ZD MK with Tatu on TV
08.07.2007 Tatu in the show Obnazhenny Showbiz
03.07.2007 Tatu's new video Bely Plashik (White Robe)

June 2007

28.06.2007 Tatu third album remains questionable
26.06.2007 Tatu presented a new song Ne Zheley
22.06.2007 In July Tatu perform in Kazakhstan
22.06.2007 Tatu's third album is almost ready
22.06.2007 Tatu at the Zvukovaya Dorozhka MK Festival
06.06.2007 Yulia Volkova is pregnant again!
05.06.2007 Mischa Barton to play the lead in "Finding Tatu"

May 2007

18.05.2007 Tatu supports Gay Pride Parade in Moscow
16.05.2007 Tatu at Mosfilm studios
01.05.2007 The concert in Egypt is unfortunately postponed

April 2007

27.04.2007 Shooting of "Finding Tatu" to begin in May
18.04.2007 Tatu are performing in Charm-ale-sheikh (Egypt)

March 2007

29.03.2007 Tatu in Stories in Details on STS channel, Russia
27.03.2007 Tatu in Closer to Stars about movie based on the novel "Tatu Come Back"
20.03.2007 Tatu performed during a private party in Venice
20.03.2007 Tatu party in Europe!
17.03.2007 Yulia Volkova confirmed rumours of her marriage
13.03.2007 Yulia Volkova didn't get married and didn't accept Islam

February 2007

20.02.2007 Yulia Volkova turns 22. Congratulations!
17.02.2007 Tatu won't sing with Fergie
02.02.2007 The new album will be "less heavy"
02.02.2007 Tatu found a director for their new movie
02.02.2007 Yulia and Lena attended exhibition The Unusual Concert

January 2007

28.01.2007 "The Best" at Top 20 in Taiwan
26.01.2007 Tatu in "Closer To Stars" documentary on Muz-TV, Russia
13.01.2007 Tatu begin to record their new album
12.01.2007 Tatu at MTV Russia
08.01.2007 The shooting of the "Tatu Comeback" already in March

December 2006

30.12.2006 Tatu will release a new album in the new year
12.12.2006 Tatu on Channel One in "Let Them Talk" show
09.12.2006 Tatu are opening "Song Of the Year" Music Festival
07.12.2006 Tatu will perform in Chisinau (Moldova)
06.12.2006 Tatu are performed in Prado Cafe (Moscow)

November 2006

29.11.2006 Tatu will perform in Prado cafe (Moscow)
29.11.2006 Disabled vs Tatu - the story goes on
25.11.2006 "Accident" program on NTV Channel with Tatu
21.11.2006 Russian disabled people sue pop idols Tatu over song title
14.11.2006 Tour in Russia: Tatu in Irkutsk
14.11.2006 The new reality show wasn't on air today
12.11.2006 Travel Party - a new reality show with Tatu
12.11.2006 Tour in Russia: Tatu in Novosibirsk
09.11.2006 Tour in Russia: Tatu in Surgut
04.11.2006 Tatu will perform in Moscow

October 2006

31.10.2006 Tatu team headed for Kirov and Ekaterinburg
29.10.2006 Show in Perm (Russia) is cancelled
27.10.2006 Tatu to shoot a movie
26.10.2006 Tatu fans in "Closer to the Stars" on Muz-TV channel
25.10.2006 Tatu's "The Best" Debuts at Number 1 in Taiwan
20.10.2006 Trojan horse tempts users with raunchy pictures of pop group Tatu
20.10.2006 An exclusive chat with Tatu
19.10.2006 New changes in "Dangerous and Moving" tour
12.10.2006 Tatu to perform in Vilnius
10.10.2006 One of the major MTV Awards of Tatu's is out for sale on eBay
05.10.2006 "Dangerous and Moving" tour dates changed again
05.10.2006 Release of the Truth DVD risks to be off
05.10.2006 Lena Katina turns 22!

September 2006

30.09.2006 "GQ" Person of the Year on CTC TV channel
28.09.2006 100 questions to Tatu on TVC
22.09.2006 All About Us is the best video at MTV RMA 2006
18.09.2006 Tatu won't participate at MTV RMA 2006 and will start their own record label
17.09.2006 Tatu will tour Ukraine
16.09.2006 New "Dangerous and Moving" tour schedule!
15.09.2006 Tatu to perform in Korea for the first time!
12.09.2006 The concert tour of Tatu through Russia fails with scandals
07.09.2006 The Tour in Russia and Ukraine under a risk of cancellation

August 2006

31.08.2006 Sven, Troy, Steve and Doman are with us!
31.08.2006 Tatu and Universal Music end their contractual relationship
24.08.2006 Autograph-session in Samara
24.08.2006 The gigs in Far East have been cancelled
23.08.2006 Tatu are nominated for MTV RMA 2006
23.08.2006 Tatu to perform at the opening ceremony of the Pacific Meridian Film Festival
23.08.2006 Cancellation in Japan - details
21.08.2006 Tatu-girl got a new tatoo
19.08.2006 Tatu cancelled performance in Japan
14.08.2006 The release of the Truth DVD is rescheduled
04.08.2006 "The Best" - new details
01.08.2006 Tatu are going to Japan with a promo-tour

July 2006

01.08.2006 Tatu to release a compilation album "The Best"
26.07.2006 Tour schedule in Russia and Ukraine
26.07.2006 Tatu at the "Race & Rock" festival
21.07.2006 Yulia Volkova is not pregnant
20.07.2006 Tatu to tour Russia and Ukraine
15.07.2006 Is Yulia Volkova pregnant?
14.07.2006 Tatu to visit Poland, Japan and Korea
14.07.2006 A new release - DVD "Truth"
08.07.2006 Tatu in Mexico

June 2006

27.06.2006 Loves Me Not will be the new single of Tatu's
27.06.2006 Tatu in Comedy Club show on TNT channel, Russia.
19.06.2006 Tatu perform at Belgian fest PZR
03.06.2006 Tatu won 3 nominations

May 2006

01.06.2006 Tatu at the Red Summer Festival in Moscow
31.05.2006 The Tatu gig in Mongolia is rescheduled for July
19.05.2006 Diaries of the Tatu band - a view from the inside
16.05.2006 Tatu will appear in a live show "Details"
16.05.2006 Tatu will perform at the Neposedy Celebration Concert
15.05.2006 Tatu for Mongolia
14.05.2006 Tatu continue touring
08.05.2006 Tatu go movies
07.05.2006 Tatu - tabloids are our style!
05.05.2006 Tatu are arriving at Stuttgart
04.05.2006 The gig in St. Petersburg on Muz-TV, Russia
01.05.2006 Single Gomenasai - tracklist

April 2006

28.04.2006 Troy enjoys working with Tatu
28.04.2006 Tatu-girls confused the Channel 5 presenter
26.04.2006 Tatu in St. Petersburg – Changes
25.04.2006 Tatu in St. Petersburg (Russia)
24.04.2006 Summary of the Tatu charts positions
23.04.2006 Single Gomenasai - release dates
21.04.2006 Tatu at Fame Factory-6 (Russia)
17.04.2006 The Chile gig's situation is still unstable
17.04.2006 Official Charts
17.04.2006 Tatu's visit in Chile is cancelled
14.04.2006 Reality-show with Tatu on Muz TV
13.04.2006 Tatu will perform at Bravo OTTO Supershow
12.04.2006 Tatu in Tallinn – fireworks and fur coats
10.04.2006 Official Charts
10.04.2006 Tatu are arriving in Tallinn
05.04.2006 Tatu are nominated for Muz TV Awards 2006
03.04.2006 Official Charts
01.04.2006 Order of Frienship for Tatu - to be or not to be?

March 2006

30.03.2006 New music video "Gomenasai" has been shot
29.03.2006 Santiago gets ready to meet Tatu
27.03.2006 Official Charts
26.03.2006 Tatu wins the TRL Award
26.03.2006 The Chile gig to be postponed
25.03.2006 Tatu arrived in Milan
24.03.2006 An exclusive Tatu gig in Dortmund (Germany)
20.03.2006 Official Charts
18.03.2006 Tatu have arrived at Hamburg
17.03.2006 Tatu nominated at TRL Awards
15.03.2006 Tatu in Los Angeles
13.03.2006 Official Charts
07.03.2006 Promo-tour: Tatu in Germany
06.03.2006 Official Charts
06.03.2006 Tatu are leaving Moscow again
06.03.2006 Tatu will be special guests at MUZ TV-2006

February 2006

27.02.2006 Official Charts
21.02.2006 "Gomenasai" will be Tatu's third single
20.02.2006 Official Charts
20.02.2006 Julia Volkova turns 21
13.02.2006 Official Charts
07.02.2006 Official Charts

January 2006

30.01.2006 Official Charts
25.01.2006 Tatu arrived in London
23.01.2006 Official Charts
20.01.2006 Tatu got the NRJ Radio Award
19.01.2006 Yulia Volkova will study at the State University of Management
16.01.2006 Official Charts
13.01.2006 "Dangerous and Moving" is at #79
11.01.2006 Tatu are making for Europe again
09.01.2006 Official Charts
03.01.2006 Tatu as Motoalert Artist Of The Month at MTV Asia
02.01.2006 Official Charts

December 2005

26.12.2005 Official Charts
22.12.2005 The last promo-tour "charged" Latin America extremely well
20.12.2005 Tatu will perform on Energy Stars For Free 2005
19.12.2005 Official Charts
19.12.2005 Guy Chambers wrote a song for Tatu
13.12.2005 A school bell for Tatu
12.12.2005 Official Charts
10.12.2005 Tatu nominated at NRJ Radio Awards
09.12.2005 Tatu's on-road adventures
08.12.2005 Friend or Foe release postponed
07.12.2005 Tatu ran off to Taiwan
05.12.2005 Official Charts
05.12.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Brasil
04.12.2005 Gomenasai got its second birth
02.12.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Argentina

November 2005

30.11.2005 "Viva Mexico!" by Tatu
28.11.2005 Official Charts
28.11.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Mexico
27.11.2005 Single "Friend or Foe" is ready for release
26.11.2005 Tatu in the documentary "A future star"
23.11.2005 Tatu on STS channel in the program "Stories in details"
23.11.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Italy
21.11.2005 Official Charts
18.11.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Paris
17.11.2005 Tatu on tour: Denmark
16.11.2005 Tatu to run for a national Order of Friendship
14.11.2005 Official Charts
14.11.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu leave Moscow for Denmark
12.11.2005 Tatu brought "goody bags" from MTV EMA 2005
10.11.2005 Single "Friend Or Foe" already in December
09.11.2005 Tatu are going for a new promo-tour!
07.11.2005 Official Charts
03.11.2005 Tatu at MTV EMA 2005
01.11.2005 Tatu go on MTV EMA 2005

October 2005

31.10.2005 Official Charts
30.10.2005 Tatu performed at Gaudi Arena
29.10.2005 Tatu Sales in Japan – comparative statistics
28.10.2005 Tatu on radio "Rossiya" and "Yunost"
26.10.2005 Tatu on Radio Popsa and Dynamit FM
24.10.2005 Official Charts
23.10.2005 Tatu continue to perform in Moscow
22.10.2005 Tatu’s autograph-session in Moscow
22.10.2005 Tatu on MTV's "Switched On"
21.10.2005 Tatu to have an autograph-session in Paris
19.10.2005 Tatu got help from DJ Pimenov
19.10.2005 Татu shot their video in the Batman caves
18.10.2005 Tatu are coming back to Moscow
18.10.2005 Bryan Adams had a photoshoot with Tatu
17.10.2005 Tatu for MTV Europe Music Awards 2005
17.10.2005 Official Charts
14.10.2005 Album "Ludi Invalidi" on Radio Europe Plus
14.10.2005 Tatu will shoot their third video in Los Angeles
12.10.2005 Los Angeles is next for Tatu
12.10.2005 Tatu arrived to Japan with "Gomenasai"
10.10.2005 Official Charts: All About Us
10.10.2005 Release of "Dangerous and Moving" in Russia pushed back
10.10.2005 Autograph-session in Moscow
09.10.2005 Tatu in Tokyo
08.10.2005 Tatu on their way to Japan
08.10.2005 Official Tatu Remix Contest is open
06.10.2005 Release dates for album "Ludi Invalidi"
04.10.2005 Lena Katina turns 21
03.10.2005 Single "All About Us" hits the charts
03.10.2005 Tatu to Visit Japan on 10th October

September 2005

29.09.2005 Tatu changed their manager
29.09.2005 Tatu on 1LIVE radio and RTL channel (Germany)
28.09.2005 Tatu in Berlin and Cologne (Germany)
27.09.2005 Tatu in London to record a show
26.09.2005 Tatu on VIVA Live
24.09.2005 Tatu spend a weekend in Moscow
22.09.2005 Tatu on Pop World (UK)
21.09.2005 Tatu in Stockholm – details
17.09.2005 Tatu will get a break in Stockholm
17.09.2005 Song "Dangerous and Moving" - second Tatu single
17.09.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu on music show CD:UK (UK)
15.09.2005 Promo-tour details: Milan and Paris
14.09.2005 Tatu on Top Of The Pops, Italy
14.09.2005 Promo-tour: Tatu in Barcelona (Spain)
13.09.2005 "Dangerous and Moving" Deluxe Limited Edition
12.09.2005 Tatu on CD:UK Live
11.09.2005 Meet Tatu in Milan, Italy!
11.09.2005 Tatu on Hit Machine in France
11.09.2005 America and Asia is next after Europe
09.09.2005 "Ludi-Invalidi" hits Russia
09.09.2005 A promo campaign took place in Russia
07.09.2005 Tatu to give two performances in Paris
06.09.2005 A slow start for "All About Us"
05.09.2005 Tatu European promo-tour
05.09.2005 Tatu to play London gig
04.09.2005 Tatu: "We want to change the world"
04.09.2005 Tracklist of "Dangerous and Moving" in Japan: 3 extra tracks
01.09.2005 Tatu to make 4th Visit to Japan in October!

August 2005

01.09.2005 The song Ludi Invalidi on radio station Europe Plus
31.08.2005 Tatu on Punkt12 program (RTL)
28.08.2005 "Dangerous And Moving" album has leaked out to the Internet
27.08.2005 All About Us: Remixes, Single release details
27.08.2005 Universal Music worldwide received Dangerous And Moving promotional album
27.08.2005 Details of shootings "All About Us" and "Ludi Invalidi" videos
25.08.2005  All About Us is already in clubs
24.08.2005 Praise for Tatu's "All About Us" from the UK's NME
22.08.2005 Dangerous and Moving Album Details
21.08.2005 The cover of Dangerous and Moving – opinions divided
21.08.2005 Single "All About Us" is already on radio stations through out the world
20.08.2005 Tatu on CDUK Sunday's show (ITV)
19.08.2005 Track-lists of both Russian and international albums
15.08.2005 Tatu Sing "Gomen Nasai" 11 Times in Their Repentance Song
10.08.2005 Tatu's "All About Us" Single on a Radio Station Near You Soon!

July 2005

31.07.2005 Tatu's New Album Release Date Moved Up by Interscope/Universal Russia!
20.07.2005 New album will be available in stores from 26 September
18.07.2005 First single will be released on 1 September!
14.07.2005 Tatu create a song of repentance for their Japanese fans
09.07.2005 In July group Tatu will shoot two new videos

June 2005

24.06.2005 Tatu new album is coming out in October!
23.06.2005 Group Tatu to prepare for release of an album
21.06.2005 Yulia abandoned her daughter and her boyfriend
18.06.2005 Tatu don't need fans any more
17.06.2005 Sting took part in the recording of TATU new album Dangerous and Moving
15.06.2005 The Tatu girls will reunite once again
11.06.2005 The secret of song Lyudi-Invalidy has been revealed
09.06.2005 Lena Katina has departed to Los Angeles
06.06.2005 Tatu surprised the journalists again
05.06.2005 Tatu have returned!
02.06.2005 Tatu will perform on National Music Awards MUZ-TV 2005

May 2005

22.05.2005 Tatu infected Russia with rock
21.05.2005 The work in a recording studio should be over in 10 days on June 1
05.05.2005 "People - Invalids" - is the new title for the Tatu's upcoming album

April 2005

28.04.2005 The deputy courts the tatugirl
27.04.2005 Tatu came home to see their families
26.04.2005 Tatu blew the recording of their new album

March 2005

31.03.2005 Universal Music Russia will continue to work with Tatu
28.03.2005 Tatu-girl has lost her voice
24.03.2005 Tatu have recorded one more song for their second album – "Vsya Moya Lubov" (All My Love)
23.03.2005 Yulia is taking extensive vocal lessons in Los Angeles
20.03.2005 Tatu has recorded a song with Trevor Horn

February 2005

20.02.2005 Julia is 20! Congratulations!
07.02.2005 Group t.A.T.u. is in Los Angeles to record their second album

January 2005

09.01.2005 Santa Clause robbed Tatu-girl’s apartment

December 2004

27.12.2004 t.A.T.u.: Worst Musical Group
12.12.2004 A rival has appeared for the boyfriend of redheaded Tatugrl Lena
05.12.2004 t.A.T.u. visited the presentation of the new album from Smash!!

November 2004

27.11.2004 Tatu and Smash will perform on a charity concert for the children of Beslan
16.11.2004 Tatu have returned to Moscow after their performance in Wembley
13.11.2004 London – the fans didn’t recognise Tatu
12.11.2004 "Tatu" flew to London
09.11.2004 Tatu continue their work at the second album
06.11.2004 On 11 November, Tatu will participate to a big concert which will take place in London at Wembley Stadium

October 2004

14.10.2004 Tatu at MTV Russian Music Awards 2004
14.10.2004 Tatugirl Yulia argues over her daughter's name
12.10.2004 Tatugirl Lena received a navel ring from her boyfriend for her 20th birthday

September 2004

28.09.2004 Tatugirl and daughter prepare to leave
24.09.2004 Tatu relaunching themselves as man-eating heterosexuals
23.09.2004 Yulia Volkova gave birth to a girl

August 2004

25.08.2004 Duo Tatu will remain without Yulia Volkova until October
20.08.2004 Tatu-girl Lena is getting married
17.08.2004 Tatu will appear on the cover of the September issue of ELLE Girl (Russia).
12.08.2004 Tatu-girl Lena came to her senses

July 2004

30.07.2004 A new Tatu-girl was found for Lena Katina
23.07.2004 Tatugirl Julia signed out of the hospital
12.07.2004 Tatu-girl Julia has Health Problems
05.07.2004 Tatu-girl found out the sex of her baby
01.07.2004 Tatugirl will give birth in Russia

June 2004

21.06.2004 Tatu signed new contract with Universal Music Russia
12.06.2004 Tatu is going to end its creativity break
09.06.2004 Elena Kiper won in court the rights on Tatu songs
08.06.2004 Tatu did not change their name and did not release new songs
05.06.2004 Tatu are changing their image and recording a new album
02.06.2004 Tatu will record a new album after all.

May 2004

24.05.2004 Tatu girl attempted to get rid of the baby
20.05.2004 Lena Katina goes solo
13.05.2004 Tatugirl Yulia is pregnant

April 2004

28.04.2004 Tatu was taken away from Shapovalov
23.04.2004 Tatu found replacement to Ivan Shapovalov
13.04.2004 Will Tatu girls become Swedish?
10.04.2004 Group Tatu and Elena Kiper signed an agreement

March 2004

28.03.2004 Elena Kiper offered partnership to the new management of group Tatu
13.03.2004 "Tatu in Podnebesnaya": the end of the game
11.03.2004 I. Shapovalov vs L. Kiper: Another court session took place
10.03.2004 Tatu girl Yulia conquers America
06.03.2004 Podnebesnaya after t.A.T.u.
03.03.2004 Tatu have left Shapovalov for Kirkorov

February 2004

27.02.2004 Tatu will show the forbidden clip
21.02.2004 Tatu girl Lena left the house
20.02.2004 Julia is 19! Congratulations!
19.02.2004 Tatu will sing with Rammstein
18.02.2004 Shapovalov is in Podnebesnaya, not Tatu
07.02.2004 Universal Music Russia releases a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes
04.02.2004 Tatu are going to Singapore to attend the “MTV Asia Awards 2004”
03.02.2004 Moscow city council to file an inquiry about Tatu to the office of public prosecutors.

January 2004

30.01.2004 t.A.T.u. didn’t "get accustomed" in Podnebesnaya
24.01.2004 Tatu girls want to switch bodies
23.01.2004 Tatu in Podnebesnaya: There is no danger of Tatu’s project in Podnebesnaya to result in a failure!
23.01.2004 Ivan Demyan has joined the recording of Tatu’s next album.
22.01.2004 Tatu in Podnebesnaya: The girls couldn’t split the money with their producer
20.01.2004 Tatu in “Podnebesnaya”: Were there girls?
15.01.2004 Lena Kiper is going to live on t.A.T.u.’s money
11.01.2004 t.A.T.u. will practice politics in Podnebesnaya!
05.01.2004 t.A.T.u. will get “behind the glass” on January, 17

December 2003

31.12.2003 t.A.T.u. is recognised as the sale's leader of the year in Japan
27.12.2003 Tatu were not allowed a chance to become presidents.
24.12.2003 Group Tatu to become presidents of Russian Federation. As a Duo.
18.12.2003 Canadians consider t.A.T.u. to be the most ridiculous band of the year
15.12.2003 Japanese t.A.T.u. anime is planned to be released next year
14.12.2003 Vitaly Mansky will continue filming t.A.T.u.!
13.12.2003 Documentary The Anatomy of t.A.T.u.: "Autopsy" showed...
12.12.2003 The documentary Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown cut by 17 seconds of the final scene
10.12.2003 The World Tour will continue in Latin America
10.12.2003 t.A.T.u. – girl met Takeshi Kitano
09.12.2003 Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina speak about …
04.12.2003 t.A.T.u. - Lena passed out in Japan
03.12.2003 t.A.T.u. filled the concert hall only to its half
03.12.2003 The Vitaly Mansky picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will have the first night on CTC channel, December 12
03.12.2003 t.A.T.u. showed Simple Motions to the Japanese audience
02.12.2003 Japanese fans have lost their minds over t.A.T.u.

November 2003

28.11.2003 Reality Show with t.A.T.u.
26.11.2003 t.A.T.u. are nominated for MTV Asia Awards – 2004
22.11.2003 t.A.T.u. – girls are to star in a lesbian movie
14.11.2003 t.A.T.u. Official Photobook will be released on November, 28!
13.11.2003 t.A.T.u. presented their new song Nichya (Nobody’s)!
12.11.2003 t.A.T.u. attended the concert of SMASH!!
11.11.2003 World first run of Show Me Love video in Japan
09.11.2003 Yet more trouble for NTV - t.A.T.u. concert to be poorly attended?
05.11.2003 t.A.T.u. – girl spent two days at the market
03.11.2003 Vitaly Mansky has finished filming his picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u.
02.11.2003 Lena returns to Moscow alone
01.11.2003 t.A.T.u. Return to Japan. Uproar in the Arrivals Lobby.

October 2003

23.10.2003 The long awaited concert in St. Petersburg on December, 18
22.10.2003 Release of DVD "Screaming for More" in November 2003!
20.10.2003 MTV EMA 2003: t.A.T.u.'s votes won't be passed to group Leningrad!
18.10.2003 t.A.T.u. will perform in Hong Kong for Rolling Stones
16.10.2003 Tatu to Pass on the MTV EMA Nominations to group "Leningrad"!
14.10.2003 t.A.T.u. have won 3 World Music Awards!
07.10.2003 Celebration of Lena's birthday without Yulia
03.10.2003 The broadcasters from the whole world are fighting for t.A.T.u.
02.10.2003 Sales of the t.A.T.u. debut album breaks the 2 million mark in Japan
02.10.2003 t.A.T.u. are nominated for MTV EMA “The Best Russian Artist” again
01.10.2003 A. Pokutny and V. Adarichev signed a contract with the t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov

September 2003

26.09.2003 The trial session between Kiper and Shapovalov is postponed again
24.09.2003 Vitaliy Mansky will tell and will show all the truth about t.A.T.u.
23.09.2003 t.A.T.u. is on a well deserved vacation
20.09.2003 Press conference in the Sky Room: Official opinion in short
16.09.2003 t.A.T.u. “hide” the authors of their new songs
13.09.2003 t.A.T.u. gives a sign to attend the press conference
12.09.2003 The trial between Elena Kiper and Ivan Shapovalov is at a draw at the moment
10.09.2003 t.A.T.u. will hold a secret press conference
09.09.2003 Lena Kiper will appear at the press-conference with a guards’ escourt
05.09.2003 t.A.T.u. performed as extras for SMASH!!
04.09.2003 Elena Kiper will determine the future of t.A.T.u. songs

August 2003

22.08.2003 t.A.T.u. – Yulia was hospitalized
21.08.2003 The production center Neformat and the music group t.A.T.u. have decided to film a full-length animated cartoon
15.08.2003 t.A.T.u. appeared at two music festivals in the middle of August
14.08.2003 t.A.T.u. ignored Dvizhenie-2003 Awards
07.08.2003 t.A.T.u. is to receive Dvizhenie-2003 Awards

July 2003

20.07.2003 t.A.T.u. are leaving for European festivals
20.07.2003 Chart Update: Middle of July
14.07.2003 t.A.T.u.are performing at Comet 2003 Awards
08.07.2003 t.A.T.u. – girls are taking a break from each other
04.07.2003 t.A.T.u.'s press-attache Beata Ardeeva in a terrible car-crash.

June 2003

29.06.2003 t.A.T.u.’s video shot in Tokyo is off
29.06.2003 Chart Update for End June.
28.06.2003 Announcement: Cancellation of the June 28th Event t.A.T.u. in Tokyo
28.06.2003 Apology About the Cancellation of Tatu's Live Appearance on TV Asahi's Music Station Programme on Friday June 27th
27.06.2003 Tatu Disappear in the Middle of a TV Appearance
27.06.2003 t.A.T.u.’s video plans wrecked
26.06.2003 t.A.T.u. in Japan - Day One
25.06.2003 t.A.T.u. arrived in Japan today.
22.06.2003 35,389 Applicants for Video Shoot in Tokyo
20.06.2003 All in all: Tatu are not going to perform in Israel this week.
19.06.2003 Ireland is cleared of cheating on the ESC
17.06.2003 t.A.T.u. was not granted an entrance visa to Israel
16.06.2003 Chart Update for Mid-June.
15.06.2003 Fan reports on the MTV MAs and the concert in Bonn, Germany.
13.06.2003 Another lawsuit -- t.A.T.u. cancellations in Riga
10.06.2003 The Eurovision Song Contest results remain unchanged
10.06.2003 t.A.T.u. has cancelled their gig in Riga
09.06.2003 Russian duo t.A.T.u. will be arriving in Japan on the 25th of June for the shooting their new video.
07.06.2003 t.A.T.u. scratched the surface finish off the Muz-TV-2003 prize
07.06.2003 Turkey is boycotting t.A.T.u.
06.06.2003 The "MuzTV-2003" awards: Tatu won the nomination in "Best Video" with music video "Prostye Dvizheniya" ("Simple Motions")
05.06.2003 EBU is considering the t.A.T.u. issue
04.06.2003 Chart Update for Early June.
02.06.2003 t.A.T.u. performed at MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles

May 2003

29.05.2003 Channel One Russia continues to doubt the Eurovision results
28.05.2003 Russia's Channel One announces that Eurovision results were unfairly juggled
25.05.2003 Ivan Shapovalov Comments on Eurovision Results
25.05.2003 Tatu took the Third place on EuroVision song contest.
24.05.2003 Julia Volkova Will Not Take Part in EuroVision Rehearsals
22.05.2003 Tatu on EuroVision: "The lights and the stage are awful, same with the rest!"
20.05.2003 EuroVision: Tatu refused to give interviews
16.05.2003 Press conference on t.A.T.u.’s departure for Eurovision
16.05.2003 Tatu Girls To Perform Live On MTV Movie Awards.
15.05.2003 Moscow Athorities Have Forbidden The Shooting Of Tatu's New Video On Red Square!
13.05.2003 Tatu are getting ready to shoot their new video in the Red Square.
13.05.2003 t.A.T.u. is back in Moscow
09.05.2003 "Show Me Love" Shooting On Red Square in Moscow on the 12th of May.
08.05.2003 Hitting Platinum
07.05.2003 Three Tatu Girls Will Perform On EuroVision!
07.05.2003 "Show Me Love" Isn't Showing Much Love.
06.05.2003 DVD «Screaming For More» Release Planned Earlier This Year Is Cancelled.
05.05.2003 t.A.T.u. Concerts in Germany Cancelled/Delayed
04.05.2003 The Shooting of New Music Video «Show Me Love» will Take Place in London!
04.05.2003 Tatu. A Week in London.
03.05.2003 Tatu's Recording Label is ::Against:: Their Participation in EuroVision!
01.05.2003 Lawsuit over Tatu cancellations

April 2003

30.04.2003 Group Tatu Cancel UK Tour!
25.04.2003 t.A.T.u. upcoming concerts
23.04.2003 The organizers of Eurovision forbid t.A.T.u from displaying their undergarments
23.04.2003 t.A.T.u. think they are completely normal
23.04.2003 Tatu for Women's Freedom
18.04.2003 The promo-tour in Japan has been cancelled.
18.04.2003 How Soon Is Now? Obviously, right NOW.
18.04.2003 Another tour might be fatal for Tatu…
17.04.2003 "t.A.T.u." invites nude women. NSPCC rises against it!
16.04.2003 Englishmen don't want to lose their minds over t.A.T.u.
11.04.2003 "Tatu" #1 in the Top-100 of Japan for the fifth week
11.04.2003 "TATU" will kiss on "Eurovision" if they want to!
09.04.2003 Rammstain Denies To Co-Record With Tatu!
09.04.2003 Russian duo t.A.T.u. need to behave themselves
08.04.2003 New single and DVD!
05.04.2003 Tatu “Mix” Up Moscow! (MTV Russia)

March 2003

29.03.2003 Tatu Planned Some Interviews...
29.03.2003 Tatu and Rammstein
27.03.2003 "Tatu" Are Going To Sing In Russian On EuroVision!!
25.03.2003 Tatu Against War On “Bomba Goda” in Moscow!
24.03.2003 Two Awards For Tatu in Poland!!
22.03.2003 Up-Coming UK Tour, Tatu to play Wembley!
21.03.2003 The Next Single Is Still Going To Be "30 Minutes"?
19.03.2003 Tatu Are To Represent Russia On EuroVision With A NEW Song!
19.03.2003 Chart Update For The 22nd Of Feb.
18.03.2003 "Bomba Goda" (“Bomb of the Year”) – Tatu Will Only Perform In Moscow.
14.03.2003 Rolling Stone Joins Tatu Action.
14.03.2003 Summarising US Tour.
08.03.2003 Chart Update for 8th of March
04.03.2003 Tatu Replaced by Christina's Gay Kiss Song At Number 1
01.03.2003 Tatu Were Attacked By An Armed Fan!!

February 2003

27.02.2003 ITC Clear Tatu Video
27.02.2003 Tatu Against War!
24.02.2003 t.A.T.u. to Visit the U.S.A.
24.02.2003 Tatu Are #1 In UK For The 4th Week!
21.02.2003 Chart Update!
20.02.2003 Julia is 18! Congratulations!
19.02.2003 Tatu are getting ready to visit USA
18.02.2003 “Tatu” Cancelled Their Concerts In Poland
17.02.2003 Tatu Hold On To The Top In UK For The 3rd Week!
13.02.2003 English Band Makes Money on Tatu
13.02.2003 Touring Czech Republic
11.02.2003 Tatu Resume Their European Tour.
10.02.2003 Tatu are climbing the English charts!
10.02.2003 Tatu hold onto top of re-vamped chart in UK
08.02.2003 Chart Positions for the 8th ~ 15th of February, 2003
07.02.2003 Producer of group Tatu, Ivan Shapovalov is ready to face British television
07.02.2003 Tatu's Lesbian Kiss Too Controversial
06.02.2003 "All the Things She Said" is the No. 1 Single on the European Continent
03.02.2003 Tatu Take Chart Top Spot in UK this Weekend!

January 2003

31.01.2003 “Not Gonna Get Us” First Chart Appearances. And "All The Things She Said" Update.
28.01.2003 Tatu set to top UK singles chart
28.01.2003 A New Video Remix On "All the Things She Said".
27.01.2003 t.A.T.u. Will Stay In Moscow
24.01.2003 Julia is ill again? MTV.Ru denies the rumors!!
23.01.2003 "I'm Tatu ill for UK," says Julia.
22.01.2003 The Girls Are Only Visiting the UK for 2 Days, Due to Illness
22.01.2003 More On the "Not Gonna Get Us" Single.
20.01.2003 A New Single And Clip in Russia?
20.01.2003 Chart Update! Tatu are ::#1:: on World Airplay Top 100!!
19.01.2003 NJR Radio Award
18.01.2003 Brand New Single "Not Gonna Get Us" In Stores Now!
16.01.2003 Julia made another tattoo!
16.01.2003 America Sings "All The Things She Said"!
16.01.2003 t.A.T.u. denied the rumors.
10.01.2003 t.A.T.u Update!

December 2002

16.12.2002 Praise for t.A.T.u. from the U.K.'s The Face Magazine
16.12.2002 "All the Things She Said" goes no. 1 in Switzerland
14.12.2002 t.A.T.u. on MTV US' WWE Wrestling Sunday
11.12.2002 t.A.T.u. on Access Hollywood and Extra! in the U.S

November 2002

23.11.2002 "All the Things She Said" on MTV in the U.S.
23.11.2002 t.A.T.u Album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" is released in USA and Canada!
18.11.2002 t.A.T.u chart update!
16.11.2002 t.A.T.u. in Western Europe!
14.11.2002 Europe Music Awards
04.11.2002 The single is now PLATINUM in both Italy and Norway
03.11.2002 Lena gave concert in Tallinn Alone without Yulia.
01.11.2002 Tatu is number 1 in mexico charts!!!

October 2002

25.10.2002 Europe Updates
24.10.2002 t.A.T.u. big in Israel
24.10.2002 t.A.T.u. On The Cover Of U.S.'s Mixer Magazine
20.10.2002 t.A.T.u. fever is spreading!
16.10.2002 t.A.T.u. is number 3 in the Greek Charts!
14.10.2002 World Chart News
07.10.2002 Fantastic new entries into the singles charts by t.A.T.u.!
04.10.2002 Lena's 18th Birth Day Party on 4th October, in Poland!
01.10.2002 5th in Finland

September 2002

26.09.2002 On Billboard the 5th place!
21.09.2002 Tatu video ATTS has #1 position on TRL countdown of Italia MTV!
19.09.2002 "All the Things She Said" jumped up from #19 to #11!
17.09.2002 "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts
16.09.2002 t.A.T.u. Success in Italy!
10.09.2002 “All The Thing She Said” single is released in USA!
09.09.2002 Spain
04.09.2002 MTV Holland adds "All the Things She Said" into rotation
01.09.2002 "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts

July 2002

10.07.2002 t.A.T.u. heralded as "the future of rock & roll" by Blender Magazine

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