t.A.T.u. rock Olympyisky (Official report)

Time of publication: 03.06.2005
On June, 3th

14.10 t.A.T.u. go to the sound check separately: Lena - from the office of Neformat (through the Moscow traffic jam), Yulia - from her house. When Yulia is in Moscow, she always takes her own car. After California, where according to the law it is impossible to rent a car if you are under 25 years old, she missed driving terribly.
Lena: Yulia called me yesterday night, to tell me that around 10 PM, she'd bought us dresses which should be cut off... Oh, the bruises on my leg will be visible; the other day, I nearly fell into an open street hatch... I'll most likely cover it up with skintone.
By the entrance to Olympiysky Arena we discover that the entrance pass keys had been forgotten at office. The security officer is acting like a macho prick and doesn't want to let Lena pass (a car with Lena herself!). The organisers of the ceremony have to personally come out to help the star.
There are more than 5 hours left until the ceremony begins. At the venue entrance, there are fans already waiting. Lena didn't even open the door of the car as a crowd with photographers surrounded her. She's busy writing autographs for several minutes, and only after disappears inside the venue. Yulia has not come yet.

15:20 Yulia arrives late. Stubborn security guards at the entrance of Olympiysky did not wish to let her in without the pass either, thus spoiling Yulia's mood, which is sensitive to details. It all looked like kind of comedic. The girls wait for their turn for about an hour.
The stage act was prepared by Yulia, being in Los Angeles.
First an instrumental of Ya Soshla S Uma (ATTSS) is played, and for almost a minute the whole venue is sunk in absolute darkness. t.A.T.u. appears on top of a 4 meter pedestal as two dark silhouettes with blue pulsating backlit scenery.
With the first sounds of the new hit Obezyanka-Nol', the girls, like monkeys, barefoot, begin to climb down the ladders. They’re on stage with the beginning of the vocals (to run ahead, we can say, that the producer of the TV-broadcasting didn’t understand and didn’t pay attention to the girls' bare feet. A pity...)

16.00 Yulia took off her red sandals to climb on the pedestal. She, like Lena, painted her toe-nails in red. t.A.T.u. rehearse their descent from the pedestal, but it’s not quite that easy, instead rather dangerous. At last, all movements fit with the music. At the end of the rehearsal, Yulia’s feet are black from the dirty floor. Yulia: please, carry me to the bathroom – I can’t put my sandals on such dirty feet!
After half of an hour the girls go home – to have some rest and to prepare for the crazy evening. It’s known, that the most important performances are set at the end of long concerts. t.A.T.u. would be performing at the end, naturally.

20.32 Everyone is in the t.A.T.u. office, before leaving for the ceremony. Obezyanka-Nol' inspires them. The official status of t.A.T.u. are starring guests. That’s why they avoid showy limousines and overdone entrances. They went to the ceremony in Neformat's Mercedes.

21.15 Lena and Yulia are in the bathroom of their dressing room, where they cut Lena’s dress off, which is changing from the evening classic dress to a “trash-dress” look. Yulia’s dress is a long black T-shirt. Among well-dressed stars t.A.T.u. keep their format – in other words, non-format. It’s very stuffy in the dressing room. Yulia and Lena are walking from this room to the hall and the bar.
Lena: The invited stars won’t go to any VIP areas! There's about 3 hours left before the performance.
Yulia: What am I feeling before the performance? Nothing special – for now.
Journalists try to get to the girls but with no result.
The position of the group - no interviews before the album is released.

At around midnight
The t.A.T.u. performance. It's the last performance of the ceremony. Like it was planned before, the silhouettes of t.A.T.u are highlighted on the top of the pedestal while the song Ya Soshla S Uma is playing. There is confusion in the dancing part and in the VIP lounge: no one can believe that t.A.T.u. is on stage, and not doubles, look-alikes. t.A.T.u. begin to sing Obezyanka-Nol' and the hall stands motionless, beginning to listen attentively to the new song. The crowd is screaming “t.A.T.u.! t.A.T.u.!” and “Bravo!” after the song. But the girls don’t return on stage. The performance of the Obezyanka-Nol' is the first presentation of the song – one of the hits from the album, which will come out in September. If one were to judge how the venue welcomed the new song, we can say that the duo didn’t betray their status of hit-and-run trouble makers.
P.S. Attention! In a week, fans from Russia and Ukraine will be able to download the codes for the ring-tones of the songs Obezyanka-Nol' and Lyudi-Invalidy, as well as exclusive photos (including those from backstage) of t.A.T.u. from the Muz-TV ceremony.

Source: The official site
Translation: Team, Tatu Fatal Team
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