Autographs in Barcelona (Fan report by arale)

Time of publication: 13.09.2005
Since we saw nothing happened, we went to a bar about ten feet from the hotel. We asked for something and paid right away. Later Arnau says, "they'll probably appear behind our backs". Instantly, we see Yulia and a security guard go about. We look at each other and say "It's her!" Nobody reacted but I was the first one to come to: "What the hell are we doing? GO!" I ran and took Yulia by the arm while I asked for some autographs. The security guard took me by the hand, but behind me my group came asking for the same.

She told the guard to let her sign us some autographs. I was floored, didn't even get the camera, opening the pack searching for my CDs to sign. She signed almost all of them, then signed some of Mire's pictures (the guard and Yulia flipped because one was of Lena and Yulia naked covering each other up, and in the other Yulia was on Eralash). I asked her in Russian where Lena was, and she told me she'd sign for her. But we wanted to see her!

She left and we couldn't believe it. Then we met a guy and girl that were fans as well, and had come to see them. But they'd been there since noon and had already seen Yulia going out for food. It seems Lena never came out of the hotel room.

We decided to wait to see if we saw Lena. We waited for a while. Sara and I came to the hotel reception with one of the new fans, and two of their friends. The others stayed out for fear of being told something.

Every time the elevators came down, I prepared the camera. They finally came out, and we all went to get signed. I must say Yulia was really nice but Lena was a bit on edge. We suppose something was not right because she spent all day in the hotel while everyone else was out. Sara asked her to sign her hair holder and she said no because Yulia had already signed for her. She only signed my DVD. We all got individual pictures with them.

They finally left. Yulia gestured at us, that she was hungry. They left, grabbing each other's hand. We went out and Lena immediately hid in the SUV that awaited them. Their entourage climbed in and they left.

Translation by darje
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