Tatu at Hit Machine Paris, the 14th of September

Time of publication: 14.09.2005
On the 14th of September Tatu. came for a recording of the French TV show Hit Machine. It's broadcasted on French channel M6 each Saturday around 10:30. The show presents Top 20 based on single sales in France.

The audience was invited at 16:30 but the show was late in regard to the original schedule.
I think the first stars arrived at around 15:30. The crowd was there waiting for the entrance or waiting for their idols. According to the show management, there were around 600 people at the spot. There were very few fans of Tatu's - may be 5 or 6. The majority of fans were here for Depeche Mode and Sean Paul. I've heard some people speaking about Tatu but just to ask who they were and after they said, "Oh… a group of those two lesbians…"

Tatu arrived near 18:00. They were scheduled as the last performance in the show so they arrived the last for the rehearsals too. The girls had the highest security if to compare to all the stars of the day. Their car was a black Mercedes with German registration plates. The screens were toned black. It was impossible to see anything through them.

Tatu. arrived together with their 3 musicians, whom were fetched to the place by another Mercedes of the same kind. I've recognized Roman, the drummer. He has changed a lot since the promotion in the States! He has lost weight in a terrible proportion! The girls got quickly out of the car and entered the building. They made it all in 20 seconds! They didn't stop for any autographs at all. They were with their musicians, their press attachй and a woman with short red hair, of approx. 50 years old. She looked Russian.

Yulia was dressed in a kind of zebra top (white and black and may be some green stripes), jeans, a sweater around the hips. She had sneakers. They looked like NIKE. She wore big sunglasses with white frame. She wasn't blonde but wore her black wig. She waved quickly towards fans still walking very fast. Her bodyguard Serguey was by her side.

Lena walked behind but I haven't seen her waving to the fans. I really don't know if she did it. Yulia was almost running but she smiled. Lena looked strange - not smiling. Her way to walk was a little heavy as if she was tired or sad. She was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark red T-shirt. Her hair was enough flat.

The audience entered the studio near 19:45 because all the guest stars had to rehearse before. We could hear the girls singing a little from the waiting room.

Different guest artists sang first. Lena and Yulia arrived on stage near 21:00. Their three musicians were on stage with them. Yulia and Lena appeared, holding each other's hands. Yulia sent some kisses to the audience and Lena smiled. They sang All About Us. They wore the same clothes as in the All About Us video.

Yulia and Lena had almost the same choreography as when they were singing at MuzTV Awards a couple of months ago - face-to-face and then tout to the public. Yulia touched Lena's arm from time to time with a notion of affection.

I think they were singing over playback. We could hear their voices over the pre-recorded parts. The voices were enough good for live singing.
Lena bent her knees to reach hands of the first row audience. Yulia touched their hands too while standing up. At a moment the sound got a minor technical problem and it became very low but they didn't stop the recording and one take was enough.

The show finished near 21:10 and at about 21:20, Tatu. were the first to exit the building to get into the car. It was dark outside so it wasn't easy to take pictures. Another reason was the fact that the girls were in a hurry to leave as they were running even faster than during their arrival. The driver was kind because he left the lights switched on inside the car. So we could see the girls a little.

When Lena got into the car she picked immediately her phone. Yulia wasn't calling, she was looking at Lena in a way a friend looks at a friend who has problems, as if she was waiting for Lena to get information from her call. Yulia looked very kind. Lena seemed sweet but sweet as when you are very tired or when you are very tired because you have problems.

Somebody told yesterday than she thought Lena was a little strange in Barcelona when she stayed in her hotel room during the whole afternoon. I've got the same feeling. Lena seemed sad, having a problem.

One fan knocked at the screen. Lena looked up and sent quickly a tender kiss through the dark screens still closed. Then the light inside the car switched off and the girls disappeared in the night. Their driver told me that they should take the plane the day after.

All the performances recorded on Hit Machine (Depeche Mode, Sean Paul, etc.) will be broadcasted on the 24th of September. All but Tatu. Their song "All About Us" was recorded tonight to be kept and shown later when it will be in the Top 20. It means that the date of the broadcast for Tatu. is unknown right now.

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