Tatu in Milan by Simone

Time of publication: 15.09.2005
I don't know indeed where to begin. Today was a truly wonderful day! We met at 10.00 at the station in Milan. I see SMG with a friend from Catania. Then Amaretto joins us. We see Yulia from Genoa arriving. She is a girl originally from Russia and she is lovely!

We head to search Fiat Cafe. After we asked around, we finally find the place. Nobody knows anything about Tatu there!!!! Worse than that - they inform us that in order to get in it is necessary to have a special invitation. Nobody had heard about these invitations before! General panic has burst out.

After one hour, we decide to examine the situation deeper, and after to have found some other Tatu fans, we move towards two girls who are at the cafe collecting invitations for the entrance. Those ones helped us to get in touch with a guy from Universal Music Italy, to whom I show a sheet of paper with the logo of "Tatu Talk" and he says that he will let us inside. The time passes, but Tatu don't arrive. In the meantime a few more fans join us. Near 14h30, the Universal guy arrives with other colleagues to deliver a CD to us – the one to listen to as a preview! It is a special promo CD of "All About Us" containing 13 Remixes! It's labelled as "All About Us - Remixes".

In the meantime, we hear the melody of Obezyanka Nol as background music. One incredible feeling as we see images of Lena and Yulia, their video clips on all the screens. Then, the new album songs follow one after the other: Sacrifice, Gomenasai, Cosmos (Outer Space), We Shout, and so on.

The girls arrive, an incredible emotion! All people succeeded to be in their places. We were thirty or forty
persons there. It was very important, indeed, that the girls took their time to sign our CDs, to make the photos, to answer our questions.
The meeting begins with the words "Via! Ask your questions!". I get up without thinking and I head towards Yulia and Lena. Finally I succeed to pass them a letter with a "Hello" from all the members of "Tatu Talk" and another with the history and the address of our site. I said, "Hi girls, this is an Italian site made by us, the fans, and I hope you'll like it... That's all " Guys, I had a such emotion when I pronounced these words! They answered, "Thanks a lot".

Perhaps they will see it one day!

Other questions were about which was the next single. We already know that it will be Dangerous and Moving.
Then they asked if it was true that it had been Yulia who wrote the text of Prostye Dvizhenia, She that it wasn’t. She said that it was her who did those Prostye Dvizhenia (Simple movements). One girl asked them: "But you are lesbian or bisexual?", and they answered: "We aren't lesbians, we just love each other ".
Other questions that have been asked were about Vika, the daughter of Yulia, or their colours of hair.

After the questions, the photo session began. Then there was an autograph session too.

After that, everybody was heading to Top Of The Pops, to the Mediaset studios. Tatu arrive. The girls invite us to stay and watch the rehearsal. That’s adorable! We are so happy to assist during the show, that we stay absolutely silent.

One of the technicians addresses us and tells us to create some noise. We are ready for that and generate a complete chaos. The girls joke with us and invite to us to sing an a cappella to "All About Us". Yulia finds Lena's breast and slightly touches it. All in all, it was fantastic!

After that, the girls made about three takes and they left waving to us. Yulia and Lena along with their company left in three back SUVs of Mediaset. What a day!

Simone "Crazywave"
Translation: Team (special thanks to nath)
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