Autograph-session in Moscow, Oct. 21, 2005 by belissa

Time of publication: 21.10.2005
Well, let me begin right from the start. I arrive at subway station "Tretyakovskaya" first and wait 20 minutes. No one shows up. It's a pity as I asked to give me more information on how and where. I walk towards Soyuz Mall. I go upstairs of Soyuz where the event should take place.

There, I get stoned by the seen number of people. One girl tells me that those who have passports can be allowed inside. I realize that it concerns us – VIPs. I see a 12-years old girl with her mom. She has already the album. I ask them where I can buy the album. They point towards the cashier desk. I get tree albums – one copy of "Ludi Invalidi" and two copies of "Dangerous and Moving" (I get a one by a request from my friend). What surprised me is that the Russian album costs 99 RUB (2,73 EUR, rem. but the international one - 199 RUB (5,48 EUR, rem. I return to the crowded spot and get through to the security guy. He says that I should go to the second entrance.

I see Zhenya Voevodina (Tatu's press-attache, rem. who registers VIPs and grants access. I see a screen, which shows what happens on the second floor where Tatu is. I get upstairs and see many familiar faces. They say that the rehearsal of the performance finished. Yulia sits at the table in the Mall cafй and Lena walks around. After Yulia asks Lena were the dressing room is and leaves. Lena remains here with fans. She signs things for fans. She flies over to me to sign two copies. A young man with a camera asks me to show the signed copy of the disc, the poster and myself. I ask for my VIP gift – a free copy of the Russian disc and a poster. After, the girls go to the table to have a snack. I see their American drummer – a wonderful guy. I asked what songs will be sung. He says that they'll sing 4: "Obezianka Nol", "Perfect Enemy", "Damgerous and Moving" and "Ya Soshla S Uma". Super! We are waiting! I talk to people and share our impressions. Gradually people arrive for the performance. VIPs are invited behind the fence. We go there but the place is still empty. We spot a crowd which looks threatening at us. I see Danimir. I come closer to him and we have a chat. The security guy asks me to move.

Tatu show up and everything spins crazy. The rest of the crowd is allowed behind the fence too. Such launch squeezes us against the fence. It's hot. Too much people plus journalists jumping in front of our noses. Tatu start to sing. I don't remember order of songs but they sand all 4 songs plus "All About Us". I practically went deaf. One of the security guys told me that they are going to bring tables and Tatu will start signing albums.

After I understood that there's nothing else to catch here. I ask one young security fella how to escape from this mess. He turned to be surprisingly understanding and began to help me out through the crowd. I thanked him and went home. I'm afraid some tomatoes will be thrown at me but I got to say that Tatu didn't impress me that much. I expected more. Lena is a cutie and Yulia too. Everything looked respectfully but the girls are so simple and common.

Translation: Team
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