Tatu's rehearsal at Gaudi Arena – a fan report, 28th Oct. 2005

Time of publication: 28.10.2005
Sh**, people you wouldn't believe me! I went to the Gaudi Arena to get tickets. I was told there that the office has already closed and I could get the tickets either tomorrow here or at another place. Rather upset, I went to the ground floor to the entrance and suddenly heard a painfully familiar voice: "Lenka, hurry up!" What I see is Yulia standing just half of a meter from me. She stands there waiting for Lena. A sort of shock hit me and I could barely say: "Yulk, can I have a pic with you?" She told me: "We'll take pics later".

After a while I heard accords of "Loves Me Not". The girls started rehearsing. I was standing where I was and the security guy told me: "Pal, I feel pity for you… Stay right here for a second. I'll be right back". I waited there. He came back and told me to go and see the rehearsal from the balcony. I was happy to run to the balcony. They rehearsed their songs and I was watching it in astonishment. It was super!

After a while, they had a break. Yulia was chatting on the phone. Lena was chatting with the musicians. Then, they went towards some trashy room. I caught up with them and introduced myself to Lena. We had a short conversation. At the door, Yulia told me that I wasn't allowed inside.

The rehearsal continued again. It was awesome! When it was finished, it was Lena's turn to chat on her cell. When she was finished, she came up to me and asked: "So, what did you want?" I told her that I wanted to talk a little. So we talked. Then, I asked for a picture. I went to get my dad waiting in the car outside. My dad took a picture of us. Lena promised me to have a chat tomorrow too. We went out of the building all together. My father helped Yulia to get downstairs, as it was slippery. Lena went her way and Yulia went together with the guys. I went home perfectly happy and satisfied. I will never forget this moment!

Written by Aleshenk@
Translation: Team
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