A report from the VIP-zone at Gaudi Arena by Danimir, 28th Oct. 2005

Time of publication: 28.10.2005
We met with Olka and House 13 at approximately 19:15. Belissa and Mila joined us later. Tom and the rest of the guys joined us after. We (and the girls) went to search for the club and Tom remained to wait for everyone else. We were walking around looking for the club and met other people searching for the location too. Finally we found it by the trace of spotlight. I have never seen such a club before. It was a nine-story building! The event promised to be remarkable.

All of us went to the VIP-zone to wait until 20:00 as the clock said 19:15. The security guy was supposed to allow us entry from 20:00 only. Almost instantly I heard a familiar voice, a very familiar voice. It was Yulia. It was her without any doubt. She was going outside to look for her friends. I asked her: "Yulia, how are you?" She replied: "Hi there!" Maybe she said it to all of us. She was so tiny, sweet and has got her hair cut again. I told her: "Look, go back inside. You'll catch cold." It was minus four degrees outside. She replied: "Yeh, right. I'm fu**ing freezing here to my bones already." Oh, I recognise our Yulia of course!

We were allowed inside at about 20:10. There, we passed the security control and got our badges. Later I met Zhenya Voevodina (Evguenia Voevodina, Tatu's press-attache, rem. – a sweet and an interesting young lady. It was obvious that she had to carry a heavy load working for the band but she was a brave woman! We entered the VIP-zone. Surprisingly enough, we were treated to a snack display with drinks. There were girls walking around serving vodka to the guests. People were gathering and finally it seemed that there were more VIPs than audience on the floor! As I understood, there were fans from the forum and forum. They were all very nice and wonderful people. Lots of regards to all of you guys!

Yulia was right there in the company of deputy Mitrofanov. They were taking pictures and were filmed from time to time. VIP guests were looking their best. Later I heard Fanty saying that Lena went to the ladies' room. I got curious as Yulia was right there but Lena hadn't even appeared at the doors yet. I went towards the bathroom area and met Lena there. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked "Hi, our little sun. How are you?" I have never seen a person looking at me like that before. It was fear mixed with surprise as if remembering some of her old acquaintances. I told her that she doesn't need to worry and we could see each other again. I don't know why but I felt like saying that to her. I can't say I had the feeling of them being like superstars. It's all blown up. They are ordinary people – sweet, talkative and close without any complexes or anything similar. It was a feeling as if I knew them long before.

I went back to my gang. They were talking, discussing something and watching videos on the TV screens. Zhenya announced that Tatu would begin singing at 20:00. Now the girls sped up a little walking around the VIP-zone. People took pictures of them whenever the girls stopped. When Lena was talking to their musicians I took a picture of her and after I asked: "Lena, why did you get so scared near the ladies' room?" She answered: "I'm simply not used to people coming up to me like that and talking." I though that it could be the case and that we are erasing borders like that. At once I said: "Look, I wanted to take a picture together with you. Is it okay?" She smiled in return: "Of course." I asked people to take a picture of me and Lena but they took only Lena. At this moment, she took my camera and photographed all of us. After I wished her all the best at the gig.

I left the VIP-zone around 21:40 and went right to the stage. The girls started singing at approximately 22:35. Everyone was waiting for more people to arrive. I think there were 500-600 people total in the club. I don't think there were more than that but it was enough for great video shots of TV channels recording the performance.

A representative from Universal went outside to hand out Russian edition of Tatu's CD's. I screamed: "Get some over here!" He gave me a copy right away. It was cool to have one more Tatu CD. Tatu appeared performing all the songs they sang at the autograph-session plus "Chto Ne Hvataet" and "Intro". They looked stunning! Lena and Yulia looked so young and tall from the sight below. They were communicating with us by smiling and cheering. I saw Lena recognising me in the crowd smiling. It was very pleasant. After the performance, Yulia said: "We love you. That's all. Bye for now and see you later!" She left the stage without even turning back. Lena said something similar and left the stage too.

I ran towards the cloak-room and left the building together with the other girls heading for the subway.

I love you all, guys! Tatu are sweet and dear! Wishing you the best of luck and to have a good time listening to the new Tatu album!

Sincerely yours,
Danimir from

Written by Daminir
Translation: Team
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