A report from Virgin megastore by Anouk, Nov. 19, 2005

Time of publication: 19.11.2005
Me and my friends from Belgium arrived in Paris at 9am and we waited for some French fans from the French forums. Finally they arrived 15 minutes later, which made me a kind of anxious because I just wanted to go to Virgin Megastores. But we didn't. We walked outside to where those glass pyramids were at the Louvre. Had a view of the Triumph Arch and met up with some other fans. Everybody got a flyer and a name tag from the French forum and finally we were on our way to Virgin Megastores. Still 3 hours too early. We decided to check the shop and I finally found two All About Us maxi singles - at 9.40 euros each! Damn! But I was in a crazy t.A.T.u. mood so I bought both of them, the regular single and the remixes (Soooo, Part 1 and Part 2). In the meantime we didn't realize they already started lining up so we hurried and got in line. Then we were moved to outside of the store because the store couldn't handle so much people.

During that 2.5 hour wait, some French guy from G-A-Y came out and talked to us, I didn't understand, luckily I had my very own special Dutch/French interpreter with me and he said there was no time for pictures with the girls and we could only ask for 1 authograph. Finally he started announcing the girls and there was lots of screaming as the girls took their place behind the table - which I couldn't see, I was still outside the store, with huge thick walls blocking my view from everything but I could hear Yulia and Lena talking, which was sooooooo damn cute!

Finally, the line moved and we slowly started walking towards the front and after about 20 or 30 minutes it was my turn. The G-A-Y guy helped me on to the stage and I stood eye to eye with gorgeous Lena. She was so lovely and I gave her a big stuffed flower (real flowers are so boring). She looked so suprised and really had the cutest look on her face. I asked her for a hug and I got one big hug and then a kiss on the cheek I was in shock condition already so I totally forgot everything I was going to say and just said thank you while trembling (and I havent even gotten to Yulia yet). I asked her to sign my poster and she did, Lena asking my Belgian friend An to hold the poster for her since I spotted Yulia and was, of course, distracted. I walked over to Yulia and I told her I had a gift for her and Viktoria. She smiled and thanked me. I asked her for a hug, at first she didn't hear me so I asked again and she hugged me and I got a kiss! I told her I loved her and she flashed me the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. Its a shame there are no pics of that. Omigoodness for real! I almost forgot my poster but I spotted it, grabbed it quickly and asked Yulia to sign it. Then I was escorted off the stage. How rude! But I did get hugs and kisses, which is more than my Belgian friends got!

I was trying to look for places to stand and take some good pics while they were still sitting there signing. A few times we contemplated getting back in line, but I'm sure we would get busted, so we settled for making pics instead. Most of them didn't work out because whenever I had a good shot, someone moved infront of Yulia or Lena as I took the photo. During the signing, Lena decided to sing along with Obez'yanka Nol' with Yulia joining in when her verse started. It was too cute! When everyone was through, they got up, got their flowers, posed for some pics with their band, posed by themselves. There was boob grabbing and everything and then they sang All About Us for everyone as a suprise. I managed to get almost to the very front again and I was able to get some good shots.

I'm sure I forgot a few details, but everything moved so fast and I seriously don't remember everything that went on but afterwards - when t.A.T.u. had left, me, Sabine and An walked outside to get a breather and we met up with the lucky bastard from the French forum who won the VIP meeting. He told us all about that meeting but then he told me he had caught me on tape with t.A.T.u., while I was hugging with t.A.T.u. so that made my day even more! We went back inside to get the others and then we went back outside for some photos of the whole group. Then we went to get something to drink and then we (me, Sabine and An) left to see the Eiffel Tower. We WALKED all the way there from the Louvre. "It's not so far" - great idea An! But the view of the Eiffel Tower was well worth the 45 minute walk. Then we decided we should get back to the train station, but we were too late and missed our train back to Brussels. Damn RER for being too damn slow and having no good connections! After realizing we weren't going to make it we popped our heads above the ground at the Notre Dame and sneaked a peek. Paris can be pretty after all!

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