A meeting with Tatu in Paris by Juliette, Nov. 19, 2005

Time of publication: 19.11.2005
Oh-la-la, my God! Unbelievable Day!!! I can't describe it, it was more than a dream!

We arrive at Virgin of Louvre at 11:30, my friend and I. There were only 10 people waiting! We were lucky already ( in total 500 fans for Tatu).

We waited until 13:20 and Damien, from the Glam As You staff, came to my friend and talked to him, then (we left the waiting line) Damien told us that WE CAN MEET YULIA AND LENA BACKSTAGE!!!! (He chose us because he'd seen us before). He told us we'll have 15 minutes to talk to the girls. I almost died when he said that!!! I promise, my heart was out of control!!!

We arrived at that faithful hour, Damien came looking for us, we passed the first few people (we was 8 persons in backstage, 2 groups of 2) and in our group, there was, my friend, me, and 2 journalists (not fans). We were the only fans here! Therefore, we went forward into the corridor and arrived at a door. I was never this happy, stressed, and crazy - all at the same time, never in all my life. And finally, when we went into the room, I almost had a heart attack. They were 10 members of their staff and then finally, YULIA AND LENA!!! As soon as we walked through the door they advanced themselves towards us!!!! Yulia signed my 2 booklets and I asked her to write something in Russian on my Moscow guide. She does it and Lena does so as well. I said to Yulia that it was magnificent when she plays piano in Friend or Foe and I asked Lena when there will be a concert in Paris and she says in the SUMMER. I was so happy to have the info. Next we take photos with them, they were so cool, they laughed and made jokes and everything. There was a moment where Yulia took 3 pieces of cake and she made it into a dick and showed as if saying: "Look, I have 3 dicks!", and Lena said: "Oooh you have a small dick, Yulia."; and everyone laughed. They are CRAZY! I noticed that Yulia called Lena for "Lenka" like in her last diary entry.

Then we took photos, and I asked Lena what they wrote in my Moscow guide and she told me. Lena is really great, calm and too kind, and Yulia is so energetic. Before leaving, I said stupid things like: "Paris loves you!", "We love you!" and "We'll see your concert." I didn't want to leave. It was such a dream. But it's not finished yet!!!

We came back to the public place and the autograph session began. We had our badges, so we were not in the crowd, but in front of the girls, not in the line. The BEST MOMENT is when the cd "Dangerous and Moving" played at the same time and we sang and they were so satisfied. Yulia did not stop looking at me the whole time!!! At least 30 times in the eyes!!! There was a moment where I sang and SHE LOOKED AT ME DIRECTLY IN THE EYES AND SANG WITH ME ALL AN ENTIRE SENTENCE!!! I SANG WITH YULIA! You can't possibly imagine!

They spoke to the crowd, and Yulia asked a man how to say "I love you" in French and she said, "Je vous aime" and all the people went crazy. And Lena said, "Moscow + Paris = Love" So cute!

There was a sweet moment when a fan came with her baby and Yulia became melancholic, so they took the baby in their arms Yulia made funny face to the baby. This lasted at least five minutes! There was another moment when a fan cried and hugged Yulia for a looooong time. The fan couldn't stop crying and Yulia and Lena were very touched!

After the session was over, we could leave as last people because of Damien. We said: "It's us again"-, and I asked Lena for a kiss and my friend said: "Moi aussiiii" ("me toooo"). After that, I also asked Yulia for a kiss and while we were kissing I said: "Thank you for everything."

At the end, they sang All About Us. My friend and I were behind the scenes. I saw Yulia's underwear. We were with the band - the drummer, the guitarist and they are sooo nice and simple. They were really cool guys! My friend said, "Good luck tonight in Lille," and they were happy.


P.S. I have forgotten to say how GORGEOUS they are! My god, they are really BEAUTIFUL!

Well guyz, I can die now!

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