Autograph session in Mexico (November 29, 2005) by Darje

Time of publication: 29.11.2005
Well people, I just came back from the signature session at Mixup Polanco. I don't know any words to describe it better than "THAT WAS F*****G CRAZY." There were people camping out ever since the night before (I got there early-ish, 9 am, but there already were three floors worth of fans lined up). The signing started at 2 pm, over deafening shouts of "Tatu! Tatu!" from fans in EVERY FLOOR (we're talking about a three story tall mall). People sang, called their names... it was beautiful. Sadly they didn't manage to come out to the front door (in a way it was safer, cause with how security had set up the damn thing the people holding the people seeing into the Mixup, someone would've died trampled probably).

As to how it was... well, to earn your right to come in and have your album signed, you actually had to buy ANOTHER Dangerous and Moving album, then receive a band they'd put around your wrist. Then wait... wait... wait until they came, and in you go. Security didn't allow me to have my All The Things She Said LP signed. The security guards were so stupid! They'd tell us they weren't letting any album other than Dangerous and Moving be signed (so I outsmarted them and put my Russian edition booklet of 200 KM/H's inside Dangerous and Moving's booklet, then whipped it out when it was to be signed, and they signed it any goddamn way so... Who's the asshole now, dumb security guy?).

And they confiscated our every damn camera! Some stupid staff person from Mixup pretty much grabbed them from our hands, told us "I'll take your picture", you get pushed around while they figure out what to do with your camera, take a lousy picture and hand it back to you as you're being pushed out of the store. PapachaSama (from somehow managed to steal his camera back and took a beautiful shot of Lena before he was pushed out of the line.

They were smiling and were very polite, even when we DID have a fan that lunged herself at them like a crazy woman. Lena smiled at me! I can die happy now.

About the showcase...

Wow is all I can say. People that saw it on TV didn't really even get half of it, because the sound mix over TV was all fucked up (not to mention we, audience, effing sang our lungs out XD). When we heard it live they were singing beautifully, no lies.

Now let me put this in perspective: Salon 21 is a more-or-less decently-sized hall, more often than not it's a hang out place than a concert hall. It can barely pack 2000 people without falling apart. If I had to make a guess, I think it was even smaller than Glam As You.

I can only say we were very lucky it didn't turn into a catastrophe since we had a ton of small incidents but not a big one. For example, a massive, very calculated stomp during a song led to a portion of the floor giving way, so some people fell into it but nothing really happened to them... another example, some people were pushing around so much that we on the left side of the floor toppled over like bowling pins. We were, of course, pissed, but we did nothing about it.

The biggest of these incidents was the fainting. God almightily, I had never seen so many girls faint at a concert. It was the goddamn Beatlesmania all over again, they'd shriek and faint. At some point Lena looked concerned because they were dragging two fainted girls over the fence, and poked Yulia to point her at it.

The girls were amazed at the audience. They were all laughs and smiles all the time! They said things like "You're the best, Mexico", "We're amazed, we love you, so much energy!" They were truly nice to be with, very energetic, and they had fun because I don't think they had ever been with an audience that knew the lyrics to ALL of their songs, AND was willing to sing them so hard. They closed with ATTSS and for a moment we all thought they were gonna kiss (they were face to face and Lena was making that "I know you wanna" face at Yuls), but Yulia shook her head and they didn't. The only downside to that is that the audience wound up yelling, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" They blew us a kiss and left.

Tiny little anecdote: A friend of mine was in the Hotel the night they arrived, and he was so anxious to meet Lena that he mixed up his English and told her "Can you give me a beso [kiss] here?" and pointed to his cheek. Lena stared at him oddly for like a second or two, and started rubbing her own cheek. Maybe she thought he was pointing at something in her cheek?

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