The Dortmund gig report by Anneke (24.03.2006)

Time of publication: 24.03.2006
It's only been two weeks since I was at Cologne where I met Lena and Yulia at their hotel and totp and when I had my picture taken with Lena. How unbelievable is it that already two weeks later I would see them again! But it wasn't a dream. Yesterday I left Belgium again, this time for Dortmund, Germany where t.A.T.u would give a concert (actually a dress rehearsal for their big shows which are coming soon) at rushhour, a Russian club. After a 5 hour journey (with some scary train delays) we arrived at Dortmund. There we (me and Shagratha) met Irina, a fellow tatufan who came all the way from Romania!!! and her sister. We took a cab and arrived at the club around 10 o'clock. There were far less people than I had expected. Luckily, because of course I wanted to make sure I'd get to the front row. For some weird reason Russian people were let inside, while we, crazy tatufans had to wait outside. It was cool meeting some people again, that we had met at Cologne. We even met a little dog called Lena, which was as sweet as her namesake. It was really cool to meet some people that before I only new by nickname, like for example Yuliababy. And of course Anouk from the Netherlands was there too and also another fan from Belgium, Dave. So we weren't bored at all.

At 10h50 we got inside. It was a really cool club by the way, for as much as we noticed it that is, because as soon as we paid our entrance we rushed to the stage and stayed there the rest of the night. At that time there were almost no people, so I got my spot on the first row reserved. As time went by, more and more people came in, and my excitement started growing. We heard tatu would appear on stage around 1 am, so around that hour the floor became really crowded (the sandwich feeling, if you get what I mean. And then we waited and waited, and time went soooo slow. In the club Russian songs were played all the time, but nothing from tatu. The atmosphere actually wasn't as great as it had been with glam as you (Paris 01/10/2005) (There tatu songs were played, aau video was shown and the people in the club went crazy). This time round I don't think there were a lot of real fans in the club.

Then tatu's band members were going on and off the stage and we were going crazy with anticipation. Then much to our disappointment those annoying security guys came and stood in front of us, blocking half of the great view we had (grrr). Even worse was that they told us we weren't allowed to take pictures. We were kinda pissed about it (I already had my mobile phone and my camera hanging around my neck, ready for action). But we tried to get over it and concentrate on the angels we were awaiting.

And finally, already at 10 past 2, the band started playing the d&m intro. My heart was pounding like crazy again and even more so when I noticed Lena and Yulia at the side of the stage, waiting to appear. I could already see they were wearing the same fantastic outfits as last week in Hamburg for the NRJgig. Yulia was adjusting Lena's hair, it was so sweet. And then finally they appeared on stage, looking hot as hell and started singing all about us. Actually, these were the songs they sang (12!!!): Don't mind the order, it could be all wrong.

D+M Intro
30 minutes
SML (remix)
Chto ne hvataet

The music was really loud and I could barely hear them sing. So I couldn't tell at all what was live and what wasn't. I do know I didn't hear one single tone off key. So NGGU chorus must have been with playback and maybe also ON. I hope somebody made a video, so I can hear it again. So let's see, what do I remember from the concert? Oh yeah, before I forget, the stage was really small, so most of the gig they stood right in front of us, and that means close! If I stretched my arm, I could almost touch them. So even despite the bodyguards we had a great view. Lena and Yulia were smiling a lot and exchanging cute looks. Lena sang a lot to the boy standing right next to me, she even held the micro to him, so he could sing. She was so beautiful again. It was so nice to see her curls again. Yulia's hair was cool too, I like it with the fringe.

After AAU came loves me not and I screamed my lungs out. Lena's dance moves were so sweet. They asked quite a lot: Where are you?? Give us more energy! We can't hear you! I think that people except for the first rows weren't really reacting a lot. Of course, I didn't notice, because we fans gave all we had. Lena also interacted with the people in the back a few times.

Then obezyanka nol, sounded really okay, so I wonder if it was live. I sang all the words, even though I didn't know them all. Lena and Yulia were obviously pleased. They said some things between the songs, but sadly I didn't understand it most of the times.

Then I think it went to friend or foe and after that 30 minutes.
It was sooooo cool to hear some old songs. It's a dream coming true. And 30 minutes is one of my favourites. It sounded great of course. The lights dimmed and them waving their arms, really soft and amazing song to hear live.

Then how soon is now, much to my surprise. I didn't expect this song. I wonder if that one was life, because it's not that easy to sing for Yulia, is it?

Oh and then Show me love, together with NGGU the best song that evening. Just before the song, the girls were facing each other:
Yulia: Show me love?
Lena: Me?
Yulia: Yes!
And then… Lena started unzipping her pants!!!!!! It was awesome. It's a shame she buttoned them up so fast again. Great moments. The song was awesome, and the audience was enthusiastic. Actually I think it was a remix, because it didn't have the whole phone conversation. And that was really the coolest moment of the evening, at a certain time in the chorus, they did the dance move, they used to do in there old performances. I can't really explain, they looked at each other and then bent through their knees followed by the kick. They laughed about it. It would've been so cool if they had done the whole dance, a fan can dream, can't she? At the end of the songs the girls disappeared from the stage for a while, and the band kept playing a show me love remix!

They came back and apologised for the short break. Then came ATTSS. The same thing happened as at all their performances this year:
Yulia: You know this song! I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost *audience* being with you…
Then they started the song. In the middle part nothing much happened.

Oh yeah, people kept screaming по русски, по русски (in Russian). I didn't understand either why they kept talking in English in a Russian club. I had also thought they would've sung the Russian versions of there songs. It's a pity they didn't.
But anyway, Yulia heard them and then they both said some things in Russian, which I don't understand, which made the audience really happy!

Then they sang Chto ne hvataet! I was really happy to finally hear a song from their Russian album! I love that song! They sang to each other almost the whole time, looking each other in the eyes.

Then Dangerous and Moving. They interacted with the band members a few times. In the middle part of the song, they stood next to each other, totally still, facing the floor. You'll see pictures of that, because Shagratha must have taken a million of that moment.

And time for the last song: NGGU. It was really awesome this one. The energy of that song is amazing. The ‘shining upon you' was cool, with their arms in the air, well, you all know the move! During the silent ‘not gonna get us's' from Lena they kept asking us to sing louder. Oh yeah, another great and cute moment was when Lena leaned towards Yulia and came really close with her mouth to Yulia's. Hot! But sadly, no kiss of course. Lena seemed to have been in a very good mood! Her smiles are sooo adorable.

And then it was over. They just said Bye, we love you! And that was it, they disappeared from the stage. I didn't see that coming.

What else to say about their performance? Yulia looked at me one time during a few words and Lena a few times! Lena touched the hands of the fans on the first rows 3 times. (I missed her all three) The fans kept calling for Yulia but she just nodded no. (her famous ‘I don't want face again)
A funny thing too, I can't remember during which song it was, but there was a cameraman filming at the side of the stage. He was filming the audience the whole time. And then Yulia walked towards him, took over the camera and started filming us, watching the little screen! It was really cool. Just like the old days when they filmed on stage. Then Lena took over the camera and also filmed for a little while.
Yulia also screamed a few times through the mike, with the audience screaming back as a response. A group of people were calling Yulia's name for a while, and because I thought it was sad for Lena I kept screaming Lena's name. Result: sore throat

Now I realise that I didn't even pay attention to the new band members, although I was curious about how they'd look like.

It did strike me that they didn't sing gomenasai. I wonder why not, since it is going to be the next single.

So after the performance we said goodbye to Ralf and other german fans. We went to get a drink and sat down on a sofa watching the pictures we made. Dave even got some short videos, so guys, there will be some video material coming.
Then Anouk and Dave left, and it was only me, Shagratha and a german fan (Aileen) left. So we discussed tatu in general and the performance.

And then all of the sudden we see Aileen walk towards a guy who came our way with a dink in his hand. It was Troy from tatu's band! So I and Shagratha quickly joined them of course Troy was extremely nice and smiling. He asked us what we thought of the performance and of course we told him it was awesome. He said he was really looking forward to the big shows. He asked where we were from, so we got to tell him we were from Belgium and had travelled 5 hours. He was impressed. And most important, now somebody in tatu's entourage knows Belgian fans do exist. We also asked were they had been the past week and he said they had been in Germany rehearsing, so they didn't go back to LA after Hamburg. I asked if the real concerts they were going to have more songs and he answered: yes. He told us the concert would last for about 70 minutes (this performance had lasted approximately 50min.) and that it would a really cool show. He also said that he wouldn't get much sleep, because they had to fly to Italy for the TRL awards already in the morning. Poor guys.
We all got our picture taken with him, his arm around us. Unforgettable moments! Then he left again.

After a while we left the club and headed back to the station. There we met 3 more tatufans. Two of them have met tatu while they were leaving the club. If only we had known… They got pictures.
And then we kissed everyone goodbye and got on the looooong ride back home. When I came home I kept babbling to my mom about how awesome it had all been. And eventually at 11:30 in the morning, after being awake for 29 hours, I crashed in my bed, thinking only about my two angels who had sung and smiled to me only a few hours ago!

I'm so sad it's over already! I can't wait until my pictures are developed. Hopefully some videos will appear. I know the concert was filmed, because they were screens which showed the performance and there was that guy filming the audience, but I doubt if we'll ever get to see that. It didn't happen with the video from glam either so…

So, one last thing: BRING ON THE CONCERTS

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