A report from the recording of the show Family Matters by Djeiny, 27 april 2006

Time of publication: 27.04.2006
Well, guys, I'll tell you how the recording of the show for Channel 5 was. I'll start from the very beginning. The recording had been planned for 10.30 PM but because of well known reasons it began much later. First they placed us (a boy, a girl, a dark one, a blond one) and we sat there waiting. Finally the program leader appeared on stage and did his entrance speech. Tatu showed up on stage right after. They, of course, looked very tired but stayed cool answering stupid questions of the program leader.

The whole show generally sucked (including the program leader). We had to applaud each 2 minutes. We HAD to. It was all planned. We did it by a sign from one assisting woman. After half of an hour of such clapping Lena said that the show wasn't real and applauses weren't real either. By this time, Yulia, to my opinion, managed to piss the program leader off. Grushevsky (the program leader, rem. asked a question about some sticky image to which Yulia asked what image he spoke about? He didn't know what to answer. He stood there thinking for a while and then decided to fire back telling that it was him, who was asking questions there. He seemed to loose his temper a bit. After he heard Lena's comment, he decided that the audience should ask questions instead, though we had been told before the recording that we weren't supposed to ask any questions.

There were a few questions from the audience. The most sensitive one was "Why did they perform at Fame Factory at all?". I think this question will be included in the final cut of the show. You'll hear the answer later. They also spoke about the Honour of Friendship and invited Mitrofanov on stage. Grushevsky messed his surname up and said a sort of "Microfanov" or "Microphonov". Hell, this kind of a programe leader...

The show is supposed to last for 45 minutes but if to cut out all applauses, short answers to stupid questions then, I think, there won't be more than 30 minutes left. We'll see what they'll make out of the recording while editing it. It'll be interesting to see.

After the recording was over we could try to get some autographs and to take pictures but there was so little time. Sorry. Yes, the thing I almost forgot - there were 12 Japanese, who came with the group but there was only 8 at the recording. All in all, we were about 60 at the recording - quite a lot. There was a person with a camcorder who had asked us before the main recording to greet Tatu with promises that it well become a part of a history. Maybe it was Muz TV. I don't know. That's about all.

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