A report of the gig at Club Baysis (Yokohama, Japan), 20 august 2006

Time of publication: 20.08.2006
I just got back from the club Baysis in Yokohama.

The songs they played were exactly the same as the ones at the Club Addict back in Aug. 15th. The music was soooooooo loud that I'm still deaf!

Well, the good thing was that the girls answered to our "encore-call" at the end and came back on the stage! They played 30 minutes and asked us to wave with our mobiles as they did in the SPB concert in April. It was so beautiful and romantic!

This time, as there were no press people besides the MUZ-TV crew and a photographer, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the Club Addict one! We all could move, jump, shout and sing along the girls, you know! There were only "core" fans, was really great. In Obezyanka-Nol, the girls even gave their mics to some fans to sing along with them. They were smiling and laughing all the time throughout the gig, so i guess they also enjoyed it. They were singing barefoot. well, the girls seemed a little bit tired and didn’t play Not Gonna Get Us though.

I asked Troy and other band members why they keep using the same play-list again and again and they answered that they simply didn’t have much time to practice. The girls are in Moscow, and the band members are in Los

So the songs they played were:
Dangerous and Moving Intro
All About Us
Loves Me Not
Obezianka Nol
Show Me Love
Dangerous and Moving
All The Things She Said
30 minutes (encore)

After the concert, they directly went to the Yakitori restaurant. The staff told us fans they were leaving for the hotel at 9:30, but we couldn’t stay that long there.

The band members also told me that they were going to watch the Truth DVD for the first time tonight!

I was also wondering about the new tattoo on Yul's arm and asked the neformat Japan staff about it. He said they called a tattooist (the person who tattoos your body... I don’t know how to call it in English) to their hotel in Tokyo. So that's not a fake, but a real one and the tattoo means "dragon" in Japanese and Chinese. I could see it very clearly in the concert and found it was a pretty big one.

I heard bad news too....according to the band members (i had time to talk with them) and neformat Japan staffs, (EDIT) A COUPLE of the D&M concerts in the far-east, which were scheduled in a week, got cancelled due to the lack of promotion. However the reason for this sudden cancellation is still unclear, but the band members kept saying its all the promoters' fault and the staffs said it wasnt just their fault, but also there're some "secrets" all behind this, which will be revealed soon to fans. I don’t know what actually that means, but that’s what they said to me...

After the promotional visit to Hokkaido, the girls will go back to Moscow and the band members will to Los Angels. And they will see each other again in Korea in September. Oh, and Troy told me that they, the band members have a day-free in Tokyo tomorrow. They said they've found a really nice guitar somewhere in Tokyo, and might buy it.

At today's club Baysis concert in Yokohama, the official announced that t.A.T.u. will visit Japan again this fall (possibly in November after the D&M Tour in Russia and Ukraine) to give a full concert.

So i guess its pretty much i seriously need to get some sleep....G-nite!

P.S. Dont ask me why i didnt take any pic at the airport... I was sooooo nervous to see them you know!

Written by seitaro (Japan)
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