Breakdown Of How Things Went At The Carson Daly Show! (By Tranz)

Time of publication: 05.03.2003
What is up everyone. Wanted to share my awsome experience from the Carson show that went down tonight.

Me and my two friends showed up there round 2:45pm, parking was a b!tch. Lol. There were 6 ppl ahead of us, on of which was carlos from the tatugirls forum. We waited 'bout 2 and half hours till they started breaking us up into lines and groups.

We got on our line, and girls came buy to check our reservations, and then gave us our tickets. My friend, the whole time, was paranoid 'bout not getting in. Lol. We then went through metal detectors, and my friend got stuck for like 5 minutes 'cause he has a metal thingy in his hand from when he was little. Lol. Then we got on the elevater and up we went. We waited 'bout twenty minutes more, till we got into the actual studio.

The studio looked awesome, much smaller than what it looks like on TV though. We sat down, but then were moved to three seats that were empty on the other side. The DJ was pumping Tatu's music which was awesome and kept the audience on the edge of their seats with anticipaton. Then it started, first to come out was Adrien Brody an actor, who was quite funny and kool. That took up most of the show, then it was time for the main part.

TATU!! Lol, they annoucned them coming out, and we as part of the fan group, bout 20 of us got to stand up right by the stage. Since we were moved from our original seats, me and my friends got bumped back a lil bit, which pissed me off, we should have been directly in front of the girls. But oh well. Lol, the Tatu band came out for some practice, and sounded great. I was asked to move from where I was standing because I'm tall and was blocking the camera from seeing Carson. Lol.

Then finally I see the two beautiful girls walk out, and was just stunned. They look amazing as usual, the crowd went berserk. They sat down awaiting for commercial to be over. Yulia and Lena actually glanced at me and my friends possibly remembering us from the mall in NJ. Then they started to play, it was an awesome performance. The girls looked so comfortable, and were very open. My friend actually got Lena to laugh 'cause she remembered him from the mall with his weird contact lenses. And Yulia gave some guy a hi-five, which was really kool. They were so beautiful.

They didn't kiss, kinda teased the crowd, Yulia wanted to kiss, but Lena kept backing away for a tease. I could hardly hear them singing cause the crowd was goin' nuts, and screaming loud as hell. Then they finished their song, and stayed on stage till commericial was over. Me and Yulia actually made eye contact once again, but this time for a few moments, then she smirked at me, and I started to laugh, and then she laughed and turned to Lena. Lol, I actually got the chills from this. Best experience for me by far, it was like a dream for a moment. Lol.

Then Carson thanked them for coming, and they said thanx, and waved bye to the fans, and left the stage. And me and my friends went back to our seats. And then everyone started piling out.

On our way home we got a flat tire, and got stuck. Lol. We waited two hours for a AAA. But it was worth it, I would go back and do it all over again, I love these girls even more now then before. Hope everyone enjoys my experience, I love sharing info with you guys.

Review written by Tranz!
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