Tatu on Carson Daly, report from NBC Studios! (By Ihavetatusleeves)

Time of publication: 05.03.2003
I just got back from the Carson Daly taping and my god, Tatu were flawless!!

My friend had VIP tickets so we were able to get nice seats in the first row balcony, we could see everything! The DJ was pumping us up by playing Tatu before the taping started.

The non-musical guest was actor Adrian Brody from The Pianist - I loved him as the punk in Summer of Sam!

But back to Tatu! The whole show Carson mentioned about how Tatu were schoolgirls who kiss, yadda yadda yadda, and every time he said their name and showed part of ATTSS we screamed our heads off!

After Adrian, they set up the stage, and then they moved out two rows and people got to stand right in front of the stage. In front were Carlos, or Enriquefan2 from the forum, who chased the van yesterday, and four girls from IMX with the "Fcuk war" in Russian shirts. And then, girls and band came on!

Oh my gawd, we were screaming so bad. Julia slapped someone a high-five, Julia sang to the four girls in front, Lena sang to people in front, it was amazing. They sang ATTSS, but the kiss was more of a tease, not a full on kiss.

At the end, when there was a break for commercials, Lena was dancing to Show Me Love, and so damn sexy was she dancing! She was moving them hips so sweet! I was losing my mind.

Written by your friend Ihavetatusleeves.
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