My TRL experience w/ TATU (By Shadow Boxer)

Time of publication: 09.03.2003

I think I died and left myself in NYC. Here's how my TRL experience went

6am - Wake up and get ready
8am - Leave to pick up friends
10am - After stopping 20,000 times lol we finally head to NYC
1pm- We make it to Times Square
215pm - We begin 'waiting in line' to get in the studios... keep in mind that it was 2 degrees and WINDY. Lol.
3pm - We finally get inside and go through coat check and security briefing and such and are waiting to get seated.
When the casting director walks up to us and asks if anyone wants to give a shout out. So I jumped on that and got to shout out during Justin's video (I hate him and nsync but, hey, I was on TV. Lol.)
3:40 - We're seated in the studio and I got front and freaking center, so close to the hot VJ's I could have bitten their asses.
The Casting Director (who was so nice and let me do a shoutout and was cute) tells us we have to be really exciteable, and that during the performance we have to keep moving and dancing and 'really make the girls look good cuz it's their first time here'.

4:00 - The show starts, my best friend Amanda won tickets to the All American Rejects concert and my sister shouted out to a JC Chavez song, and I won a T-shirt rappin Baby Got Back and dancin w/ Amanda durin' commercial ( I was wearing a red and pink striped shirt )

OK, AFTER I gave my weak ass shoutout, Tatu came out for their interview and THEY ARE SO SMALL!!! Dude they come up to my armpit, lol. Anways I was decently close during the interview and they walked right past me when they came out. They looked good, especially Lena's hair, but both of 'em are kinda scrawny. I always thought Lena was, you know, a bigger girl, but she looked proportionate where as Yulia looked too thin. The questions they were asked were REALLY dumb but hey, I didn't make 'em up. The girls were wearing fuck war shirts I believe and the cute little short black skirts and boots. I think Yulia lifted up Lena's skirt in the back during the interview, lol, it was funny. The girls also hugged and spun around so Damien and Hillary did the same thing. The producer thought that was like the greatest thing in the world she was crackin' up, lol.

OK so during the commercial break or whatever, they quickly set up to perform and I was pulled to stand RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FRONT!!! I could have reached out and grabbed the girls several times (but I didn't cuz I'm a respectful fan) but the performance was beyond words....beyond anything!!

I was sooo cloose! ahhhhhhhh!!! Anyways, Lena and I had a moment cuz we seriously locked eyes for four lines of the song and she laughed at me singin' along. Yulia and I... well we didn't have a moment but she did point her mic in my direction and I pray no one could really hear me sing lol. I doubt it because they were just lip sync'ing. The kiss was... well... they didn't really kiss. I don't know if it looks like it from the camera angle but they just pecked and rubbed their faces again. But Yulia did do the 'hair thing' with Lena, that was sweet. It was by far the best on air performance in the US so far.

After the performance the girls were rushed right off stage and that was the end of my TRL time!

*On a side note, after we left the studio, everyone who came with me went to TGI Fridays in time Square and the bartender bought a round of drinks for us on the house! and I'm only 17! Haha gettin served in NYC...priceless...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I can die happy now!

Written by Shadow Boxer.
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