Report with Tatu on CD:UK (By oasischuan)

Time of publication: 03.05.2003
3rd, May 2003, The London Television Centre, Waterloo

They said the doors would be open at 2:45. Me and my bf arrived at the gate at 2:30. There were about 20 people queueing outside already. It wasn't untill 2:50 that the queue started to move, slowly. At the gate, Philipa checked everyone's ID. (She remembered me. :D) We finally got inside the building. There's a coatroom by the door. We didn't need to leave anything there, so we jumped ahead of several people. :D

We walked passed some usual warehouse-look-like studios, then got in the one the recording gonna take place. Although I couldn't make it to the centre part, I was standing in the front row, on Lena's side. I reckon there were about 80 or some more audience. I could be wrong cos the warm-up guy said 150. He talked a short while about today's procedure--Tatu's going to record three songs (he asked what the first one is, we all say NGGU, 'NO', 'ATTSS?' 'Yes! Next one?' 'NGGU?' 'NO', 'HSIN?' 'Good! And the last one?' 'NGGU!' 'Yes!') and health & safety issue.(apparently, there were two evacuations during the recordings of SM:TV :D ) He told them to play Get the Party started by Pink and let us to practice the clapping, cheering, applauding & dancing. Funny guy. ;)

Tatu's band appeared at around 3:20. Tatu finally turned up 2 minutes later together with Ivan, David 'the translator' and several others. They were wearing exactly the same clothes as they wore in TOTP. They looked FAB! They sat on the drum platform and after less than 1 minute, ATTSS's starting! Everything's so familiar. They did the usual routine. The audience are much better than the TOTP one. I think it's because we are all Tatu fans. I couldn't see it clearly cos I wasn't in front of them but I think they kissed after teasing each other a bit, not long though.

Forgot to mention, they were using playbacks. After ATTSS, a make-up woman came on stage and touched up a bit on their makeup.

Next stop, HSIN. It's great to see them sing this song and now I see it's not sang mostly by Yulia! :D (Don't ask me who sings which part, I don't want to make mistake again! Lol) They seemed to have the similar mood as in TOTP--not particularly great, I saw that they were seriously doing their job here. They kept talking to each other as usual. Yulia giggled several times as in the recently performances & interviews. Simply so cute! ;) Lena's wearing that bracelet she wore in TOTP on her right wrist and Yulia's got the same one (I think) on her left wrist. Fantastic!

After HSIN, the warm-up guy said that they need to record ATTSS another time in order to get everything right. So we got a second ATTSS performance. It's interesting cos this time Yulia covered the kiss with Lena's hair! Not much difference apart from that.

They came off stage and disappeared. Now the warm-up guy want to record ATTSS again!--only the audience cheering with playback playing! He and another guy who worked in the studio were pretending to be Yulia and Lena! He even jumped on the other guy and tried to kiss him!

We were practicing the cheering again. The warm-up guy said this time they gonna get the wind machines going. So 'don't stand too close to them cos otherwise you'll be suck in and splattered all over Tatu!' :D

Tatu are back with different clothes. Denim skirts. As in the Wetten Das show, Yulia's only wearing one white undershirt and Lena's in a black one plus a white one on top of it. Then they sang NGGU twice. Before the second time, the make-up woman came again and did some work quickly. Lena grabbed Yulia's bottom at one point. ;) They were pogoing on the stage and and Lena's skirt did ran up. I pointed and smirked at her, she smirked back, a bit embarrassed. (We locked eyes several times when she's singing in front of me during the whole time) There were more laughing between them! :D

They were gone after the two recordings of NGGU at around 3:55. But we have to stay for another one with the playback. I have to say I hate doing this! Imagine cheering at nothing but a bald 40ish man mucking around on stage! But as they gave me the chance to see Tatu, I'd do it for them!

Ivan was there, wearing red zipper top and gray gym trousers. He stood not far by the entrance. He was chatting to Hayley Everts (TV presenter now, one of the final 10 Pop Idol contestants, forgive me if I spell her surname wrong) mostly during the second half of recording. Yulia and Lena chatted with him when they came off stage inbetween the songs as well. Yulia looked happy when the recording was over. I noticed she talked a bit in English to some studio staff.

David 'the translator' was there, too, helping the girls to communicate with staff. As the American DJ said, he could be a model as well!

There were two kids brought by the Tatu people. One little boy, one baby girl. Lena was holding the baby girl in her arms when leaving the studio.

Overall, they seemed to be professional artists although they don't sing live. Clearly, they are doing their job--performing. They can be anything they like when off-stage. That's my opinion anyway. I wasn't too excited when I see them. Maybe it's because I've seen so many Tatu videos. All I want to say is that they look as glamorous in person as on screen!

You might see me on TV next week. Next Saturday or the one after, 11:30am, ITV1. I'm the Chinese girl in a red top on Lena's side, front row. ;)

Written by oasischuan.
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